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17th March, 2016     0

Try as he may Andy Reed can’t help but to fashion these tasty little pop-up gems for the true believers. Doesn’t matter that power pop never truly existed, save for Alex Chilton and Badfinger. All the rest is just a compromise and too much blah, blah, woof, woof.

I’m still a sucker for that saccharine music. It’s so sweet, like taking a huge spoonful of Duncan Hines chocolate fudge frosting when no one is looking. It’s totally addictive! But it’s when I slap the disc in the CD changer and Relay Vol. 1 comes on all nice and pretty that I’ve found a purpose and once again I’m a believer and though I’m actually working class, I want to be a closeted bourgeoisie dilettante in the worst way. And I want to be respected! It’s a tall order, brother.

Relay 1 begins with an attack on my senses and I can’t stop it no matter what I do. Reed is the puppeteer and I’m the puppet. I cannot help but to do his bidding. All he had to do was build the music, write the lyrics and I’m his adoring pawn. For Reed music is his life and it runs soul deep. It adorns all parts of his existence. Music feeds his sense of belonging to something bigger. He creates his own internal and sends it to you, me and any one who care about  love, beauty and music.

Reed has done it again with Relay Vol. 1. It is the first of two eps that will hopefully be collected into a vinyl release in the spring of 2016.  It recalls early period Move, mid-stream Eric Carmen with a dash of Carl Wilson. Not bad!

But now let’s take a peak at @ Vol. 1

The disc opens with Waves. It’s an echoed atmospheric gem. Minor chords, strummed acoustic and piano accents segue into Reed’s backyard lead guitar. His vocals are front and center and the drummer kicks it in with plenty of heat and rim shots. Reed’s vocal is reminiscent of Bruce Johnston’s role in the Beach Boys with perfect mid-level harmonies; Reed sings “Will we ever get out of here.” But the west coast is a dream and a nightmare, depending on what’s next; too much heat and too many wildfires. But a great vision!

Love is Gone is based in minor chords that reflect the pain. The marching drum seems to be a call to arms. Reed is lyrically astute we are boys that become men. Hard lessons scaffold our lives. Wordless sound echoes at the coda.

Darlin’, You Don’t Know sounds like a Cars outtake, guitar and keys are prominent along with another set of atmosphere affects that give the song a boost. Sample lyrics:  Girl, you always talk about tomorrow / And you wake up the same as yesterday.

I love a Long Goodbye is a cover by Sloan (not P.F. Sloan)/. Sample lyrics: No one knows for certain / Where or when I’ll draw the curtain / I need to know you love me.  This is a spectacular little gem with Beach Boys harmonies, perfect guitar breaks full bodied notes. Reed fills it all out. This could be a top forty hit!

Reed hits gold again with the help of the following musicians: John Fossum, Cody Maracek, Donny Brown, Jason Reed and Ryan Fizgerald.     


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