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Robert 'Bo' White

As the proud owner of the inimitable White\'s Bar for over 26 years, Bo began working at White\'s when he was 12 years old, helping his mother sweep, mop and wax the tile floor. He would also clean off the steps to the basement and sweep and mop the walk-in cooler. "My favorite task was breaking liquor bottles (it was the law at the time) and setting the trash on fire in our metal trash can in the middle of our gravel parking lot." Bo played sports at Arthur Hill High School and earned 7 varsity letters. He graduated from MSU with a degree in Psychology and earned a Master Degree in Social Work at The University of Michigan. He\'s worked for Saginaw Community Mental Health Authority for 17 years. Currently he is a Supervisor of Children's Services. He is also a practicing therapist in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Bo has been contributing to Review Magazine since 2006.

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