ANDY REED: Most Innovative Artist & Best Rock Songwriter

Out the shadows and into the light.

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Andy Reed is busier than a bee making honey. He's soaring higher than eagles fly, creating heavenly sounds with a single-minded purpose to create something new from the ruins of our musical past. He is a regular member of The Verve Pipe and has produced dozens of artists including Mandi Layne, Nick Piazza, Kenny Stahl, Arthur Autumn and Brett Mitchell. If that wasn't enough Reed found the time to record and release Always on the Run, the most exciting album of 2011 with his new band An American Underdog.
The Review awards seem to be a culmination of an incredibly fertile year for you. What was your first reaction when you heard that you won these key awards?
Reed: My first reaction when I won was a great sense of pride. I didn't really promote that I was nominated so it feels great to be respected by my peers and the fans.
American Underdog was released on CD and Vinyl. What prompted the vinyl release?
I really wanted to release the An American Underdog; Always On The Run album on vinyl because it's still the most natural sounding format to listen to music to this day. Being an audiophile, I was really excited with the way the album turned out and I really wanted to just hear what it sounded like on vinyl. I did a limited run and I've had some good feedback from those who did hear the vinyl version.
You are known to produce warm and lovely analog sounds that harken back to the innovators of the fifties and sixties from Phil Spector to George Martin. Who has inspired you as a producer/engineer/ artist? 
My biggest inspirations as an engineer/producer/artist have really become the recordings themselves (not the artist or producer). The records I really love are the ones I study the most. I'll try to achieve the same warmth and clarity. You can still create great modern recordings that have the warmth of older recordings and don't sound "old".
What are your plans for the upcoming year for The Verve Pipe
The Verve Pipe is currently working on the follow up to "A Family Album" and we are playing a bunch of shows this summer. Plus I'm writing the next An American Underdog record and hope to release it later this year.
What is your overarching goal as an artist and producer?
My goals as an artist and producer are to keep moving on the path I'm on. I am continuing to buy gear and expand the studio. I'm pushing myself to write better songs and make better recordings. I really am never satisfied with anything and I know I can always improve in every area. That is the best thing about music and recording. You really can never stop learning.
Reed Recording Studio
Reed Recording Company is still plugging away 6-7 days a week and I've been super lucky getting some great bands and artists coming in. It really has taken off. Recording has become my favorite thing to do in music. I love getting sounds.

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