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    icon Jan 11, 2017
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As we enter the new year there are several improvements you will notice with our online edition here at www.review-mag.com that we would like to draw to your attention:


• Social Media Login.

As we begin the first round nominating process for our 31st Annual Music Awards, we have added options to make the register and login process easier.  You can now log into our site through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts to use the site’s features, like participating in the nominating and voting process. If you have already registered, you can still click the social media icon in the login screen to convert provided the email address used for your other social media is the same as that used to register with the Review.


New Video Feature for Nominating & Voting on BEST VIDEOS.

We have also added a new feature that will allow you to post a link to any video that you would like to nominate for consideration in this year’s Review Music Awards, so that people can check out the videos before they vote.


Added Search Functionality

Our site will now begin suggesting results to you as soon as you start typing in the search box.  The search will find articles, events, or authors across our site.


• New & Improved Online OUT & ABOUT Calendar.

If you haven’t checked out our ever-expanding interactive calendar, it’s the best place to find activities in the Great Lakes Bay region!  We’ve added several new features to our state-of-the-art Out & About Events Calendar that will be of interest to everyone, especially event promoters. We now offer a one-step solution for promoting pcoming events.  With our Premium Out & About Listing, Band, Venues, or Event promoters may receive their own profile on our site, allowing them to add event information into our calendar system, which sorts by category, keyword and location.

Additionally, all events are syndicated on the following platforms:

• REVIEW ONLINE EDITION ‘Upcoming Events’.
In addition to featuring events in our calendar system, the ‘Upcoming Events’ module on the footer of our website shows events for the next week and ‘Today’s Events’ near the header displays events that are happening today.

Events are promoted in our weekly newsletter with thousands of subscribers; at the top if the event is the next day or at the bottom if it is happening within the next week.

With over 5,000 followers, events will be promoted in both the weekly upcoming events post and our daily event posts.

Your event will be featured as part of our weekly highlights, which are also shown on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


For more information on how our calendar system can auto post and promote events to your own social media accounts and save you time, set up an appointment by calling 989-780-4162.

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