The Avery Set Raise the Bar High with Debut CD Wishful Thinking

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17th August, 2006     0

Wishful thinking can be the longest straw in a cap when you want to be heard.

The Avery Set have released their first formal debut studio CD, Wishful Thinking and it is full of antidotes that reach beyond their young ages.

Brimming with crisp beats, reverberated lead guitar and miles of stories intertwined in piano and acoustic guitar, the Frankenmuth based machine have put out more than just a clever songwriter's dream, but something that will be played 100 years from now and still appreciated.

Recorded at White Room Studios in Detroit, songwriter/acoustic guitarist Chris Zehnder, and his band mates Jake Bartlett, lead guitarist/bassist Brant Klein and pianist/bassist Justin Bannister,, didn't hesitate on making the decision to record down south way.

Being a bartender at Zehnder's, his family's restaurant in Frankenmuth, Chris decided to push his musical envelope only a few years back, leading to the sound he has now. The Avery Set comes across like a cross between Wilco and the Replacements meets Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and the Jayhawks.

Wishful Thinking has its own unique sound and has the ability to appeal to a wide audience range.

With songs like the title track, The Freedom Song, Redwood Family Tree’ Written With A Pen, and the last song, I'm Not One To Bet, The Avery Set have tackled local emotion much like early Dylan or other musicians that have painted a home-town picture with their music.

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