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Who did the Detroit Tigers select in the very first Major League Baseball Draft?

  1. Fred Gladding
  2. Gene Lamont
  3. Willie Horton
  4. Tim Morales


Ted Turner, former owner of the Atlanta Braves: “Managing isn’t all that difficult. Just score more runs than the other guy.”

Running back Joe Don Looney, brilliant at Oklahoma, analyzing his professional career playing for four teams in six years: “Anyone can run where the holes are. A good football player makes his own holes.”

Jim Barnett, after being signed as a free agent by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1977 before the season’s end: “They took me right out of the casket.”


If you have been watching the Major League Baseball playoffs, you’ve witnessed some of the worst umpiring in the history of the game. Umpire Joe West, working at right field line in a 6-man crew, absolutely botched the call on Jose Altuve’s apparent home run in Game 4 of the playoff game between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox. Outfielder Mookie Betts of the Red Sox reached into the stands in right field and the ball deflected off a fan back onto the field. West ruled “Fan Interference” and called Altuve out on the play. West should have retired five years ago. In the Red Sox/Yankees series, Angel Hernandez had three calls reversed by instant replay in the first four innings of a game he umped at first base. It was Hernandez, who filed a discrimination suit against the MLB because he wasn’t being selected for playoff and World Series games. Major League Baseball chooses its October umpires based on regular season performance, previous playoff experience, crew compatibility and other smaller factors. The league tries to create balanced crews, mixing umpires who excel on the bases with those who are judged better at calling balls and strikes. That puzzles me because Hernandez is mediocre at best. MLB should simply use the best umpires in the post season.

A few of the baseball playoff games have hovered over 3 ½ hours. I think the overall time that games are played are more magnified during the playoffs versus the regular season.

When people in the Great Lakes Bay Region are looking for something to do with the family, why don’t more of them consider attending a football or basketball game at Saginaw Valley State University? The university has great, family-friendly facilities.

Watching the baseball playoffs magnifies just how bad the Detroit Tigers are, and how far away they are in terms of being a playoff team.

It’s very sad that the Little Brown Jug football game that pits Arthur Hill and Saginaw High’s junior varsity football teams had to be cancelled because the Hillites do not have a JV team. The game, sponsored by the Saginaw Downtown Lions Club since 1922, was a great tradition. It will go into the books as a 1-0 forfeit victory for the Trojans. Hopefully, they can continue the series.

My oh my oh my have the Detroit Red Wings fallen from grace. They never restocked after Steve Yzerman/Sergei Fedorov/Brett Hull skated off into the sunset.

Speaking of Sergei Fedorov, it is kind of a slap in the face that the Wings are retiring Red Kelly’s No. 4 jersey and not Fedorov’s No. 91. I know Fedorov wasn’t popular with the Ilitch family after he bolted to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks as a free agent, but he skated hard for the Red Wings. He played 13 years in Detroit, scoring 954 points in 908 games (400 goals and 554 assists), while winning two Selke trophies. Maybe the Wings should just retire an old Russian flag in honor of the Russian Five.

Look for Fox Sports to name Dan Dickerson as its television play-by-play man since the canning of Mario Impemba and Rod “Big Country” Allen. Not sure who will be the color analyst. How about an ex-player not named Kirk Gibson?

Whatever happened to Tripp Welborne?


The Boston Red Sox will defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in six games to win the World Series.


B. Gene Lamont. In 1965, the Detroit Tigers selected Lamont, a catcher from Hiawatha High School (Kirkland, Illinois), with their No. 1 pick – 13th overall – in the very first Major League Baseball Draft.




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