Midland's Little Bighorn Music Expands

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02nd February, 2017     0

Little Bighorn Music in Midland just got a little bit bigger.  The independent musical instruments and supplies vendor has moved down one door, to a larger showroom at 419 ½ Saginaw Rd.

The store features a selection of new and used gear, including guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, stringed and band instruments.  They also stock a full range of accessories, including strings, reeds, maintenance kits and other sundries.

The store initially opened in 2015 selling used gear, offering an alternative source for students, working musicians and hobbyists who might be looking for good value in a playable instrument.  The store has recently added the Washburn and Austin brands in new guitar equipment.

As owner Mark Cowgar described, “It is important that we offer good quality.  We will also listen to offers for barter and trade, to make it easier on our customers.”

Salesman Pat Manke added, “We have a lot of knowledge to fall back on; a lot of years in the business.  We know things about equipment and can make sure a used instrument is playable before we sell it to someone.”

The business also offers set ups and repairs of equipment, with Gary Burgess handling the work on brass and other wind instruments.

The newest offering is lessons, with a few students now making their first forays into music in the stores studio rooms.

You can follow Little Bighorn Music on Facebook.  They post sales, new acquisitions and the occasional music jokes.  Or call them at 989-486-9000 to see what’s up.


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