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There is a great tradition of special people with dual identities.  Among those, many do their best work at night – super heroes, socialites and the like.

Lisa Goulette fills such a role in the Tri-Cities area.  During the day many know her as the always friendly cashier at the Essexville Kroger.  Friends, acquaintances and regular customers are all familiar with her catch phrase “Let me CHECK you out.”

Sundown brings out another side of Lisa, though.  At night she takes on the persona of The Flasher – equal parts photo journalist, part paparazzi and part marketing specialist.  You are most likely to find her seeking out the music offered at a wide variety of venues in the area.

Her weekly rounds and the resulting slew of photographs of musicians, hot cars, guitars and good times are now a staple of social media. You can find many of these impromptu photos as marketing shots for local bands and profile pics on Facebook.

Gleaned from an interview the morning after the annual celebration of her 21st birthday, here are some facts about The Flasher and her craft:

  • She started following bands years ago, with Jedi Mind Trip and the Westtown staples in her entertainment choices.
  • The photography hobby started within the last few years, as she started making the rounds of several bars a night with camera in hand.
  • On a good night she hopes to hit 10 – 12 area bars, staying long enough to say “Hello” to friends and take dozens of pictures of the band and the crowd.  It is worth mentioning that Lisa does not drink.  She documents the party, rather than participating in it.
  • At each location, she tries to get a picture with the band – hopefully holding a guitar, bass or “sitting in” on drums.  
  • After years of asking, she finally got to hold Dan Ardouin’s guitar two weeks ago at a Jedi Mind Trip performance.  (Incidentally on her birthday.)
  • She usually takes two cameras and ends up with two depleted sets of batteries a night.  It takes a lot of energy to flash that many people in one night.
  • Recently, she suffered damage to her main camera, a fact that was affecting her weekly missions.  In a plan first hatched by Ardouin, Mike Eudis (The Hipakritz) and Chris Shannon (The Swaggering Rogues) at the Review Awards, local musicians and friends of the Flasher took a substantial collection to buy her a new camera.  Hopefully, this new tool of the trade let our local treasure continue her night time rounds in style.  

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