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02nd June, 2017     0

Bob Martin's work and dedication to what he does with Review Magazine has been a huge part of the local community for years. If you asked Bob he would say -"I'm just a writer". But he is so much more than that and has done even more. Bob started 'The Review' to help promote and highlight the arts, culture, community, businesses here in the local tri-cities back in 1979. Bob has worked with many local artists and establishmentsand continues to this day. If you look through a paper edition of Review Magazine it will guide you to some great places to dine, drink and or take in a good show. But since the explosion of the Internet back in 2000 and people started shifting online to get culture news and reviews, Bob changed with the times and now has a an E-E-newsletter, the Review Magazine web page, YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook page. But if you stop by a local restaurant you can still pick up a paper copy of Review Magazine. In fact- when he heard about my show EncoreLive, and the Podcast I was doing, he offered me a job as a reporter. Bob never turned away from what’s going on in the community.

I was there on the night of the awards when Bob got honored by the state, city, loved ones, friends, and people he has worked with. I am Bob’s internet reporter, I cover original local musicians, and do podcasts with the local original artists and interview bar and business owners. I talked to Bob about recording and doing interviews with bands who have performed and winners from the night of the award show for Review. Bob was all for me doing this. As I was setting up in a back room for the night with my wife to be Megan. A gentleman came up to us both and asked us if we would watch/keep some stuff safe for him.

 He said, "I need to keep this safe, it's some awards for Bob, we're going to honor him tonight during the awards. Also, it's a surprise so please don't tell anyone and could you watch this?" He said as he showed us the awards.

Megan and I looked at each other very surprised and just said: "Yes, we would be happy to do it." Megan and I and three others were the only ones who knew that this was happening. We waited until after one of the bands play and then they started. Certificates from the state of Michigan, City of Saginaw and then Bob’s friends and people he works with gave him what must be his most favorite award, a larger version of a Review Magazine award. Bob was quite moved and for awhile, unable to say much.

Well deserved to a man who’s made his love and passion for his community his life’s work and career.

Thanks, Bob- 



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