Grow Saginaw Community Garden Project

Saginaw Community Gardens Project Announces Plans

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28th April, 2011     0

Grow Saginaw Community Garden Project (G.S.C.G.P.) is a grass roots organization that aims to reclaim vacant lots throughout Saginaw, combat blight, and restore both pride and a sense of community among its residents. Quickly gaining momentum and notoriety, G.S.C.G.P. has already accomplished many of its goals and is busy establishing a tight network of likeminded individuals and organizations.

Working closely with Hidden Harvest, a non-profit charity that donates food to soup kitchens and food pantries, G.S.C.G.P. is striving for collaboration with, and consolidation of the likewise ambitions and initiatives of other organizations such as S.C.R.A.P., Houghton Jones Neighborhood Association, Saginaw Community Foundation, and The Chamber of Commerce as well as with educators from both Delta College and S.V.S.U.
“This is no small undertaking,” states Padaric J. Ingle, the groups’ founder,  “But we are comprised of many great individuals who are enthusiastic and full of good intent.”
A major catalyst for their motivation was the senseless and completely unwarranted December 2nd murder of Saginaw resident, Sean Stennett. Stennett was a peaceful and loving individual who is fondly remembered as always having a smile on his face. “He is gone but not forgotten, brightly shines his light” added Padraic.  
A Zen Meditation Garden, titled ‘Sean Zen’, and dedicated to his memory, will grace the City of Saginaw as an ever-present reminder of just who and what the City, and the World for that matter, has lost in the death of this bright young man with such broad intellectual capacity and potential.  “We cannot allow his death in vain”, stated Padraic, shaking his head, “It’s simply not an option.”
G.S.C.G.P. will begin work on chosen garden sites as of May 1st in preparation for their planting dates which will coincide with a highly anticipated major fundraising event set to take place in mid May at one of its’ gardens locations titled, “A Day in the Garden.”
The group is actually seeking funding through sponsorship support in a very interesting way.
Beginning on Monday April 25th, we will be holding an open auction on Ebay for the positions of ‘Main’ and ‘Secondary Sponsorship’ entitlements”, announced Padraic,
“The auction will last for a duration of ten days, and the option to ‘Buy It Now’ will exist for the most savviest of business owners.” He then added that, “This is a great opportunity to present your business to the public eye in a positive light.”
The event will be complete with live musical entertainment from three well-known local bands, a grilled chicken dinner, 50/50 raffle, and will be free to the public to attend.  
Padaric emphasizes that for this project to be a success it will require volunteer labor, material, and monetary donations from both businesses & individuals.
“We understand that not everyone is able to participate physically in the undertaking of our project’s duties, so we ask all of you that cannot provide manual labor to consider a small donation to the community garden project. In exchange for your $20, $50, or $100 donation we will notify you of your addition to a garden, and your name will appear on a beautiful contributor plaque placed in a garden of your choosing.”
Monetary donations of cash, check and credit card are accepted. They can be dropped off or mailed to The Red Eye Café on Hamilton Street in Saginaw and addressed to GSCGP.
Donations by credit card can be made directly through the group’s webpage by checking on their PayPal donate button, located at the bottom of the page.
The group’s webpage address is:


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