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The periodic function of great melody driven rock shows, repeated in the same energy powered stage presence, is this band's signature.  Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Frequency 54 is a local band with a big arena sound.  Their new CD release, Beginnings, Saturday June 30th, during their 7 pm performance at The Machine Shop in Flint.  This offers a great opportunity to see this phenomenal band in action.

Commanding the stage at their CD release concert will be Frequency 54's front man, Justin Rose.  Jamie Bothwell will be weaving around the stage with his wild guitar solos.  Jeremy Rose will pound his bass, as Matt Adams fills in the guitar riffs.  Bringing up the rear under the Machine Shop logo will be Tony Hernandez on drums.

For the last five years, creating and feeding Frequency 54 has been a great passion for all of these musicians.  They do, however, have day jobs and families.  This band is their creative outlet.  Some people collect stamps or go fishing, but these guys rock the house.  "Creativity is fun. When you have it you want to express it. There is not a better feeling in the world than when you look out over a crowd of hundreds of people and see them all singing to your music.  It means you have touched them somehow.  It's the greatest compliment any artist can receive," stated lead vocalist Justin Rose.

If you like your music raw with sides of metal, party rock, ballads and straight up rock and roll, or music topped with a touch of easy listening, Frequency 54 is your band. They play music for fans with similar tastes to theirs, as explained in the following quote from band members.  "We write what we feel. We do this for us and everyone that feels the same way we do.  We kind of have the attitude that if you don't like us, we don't care; at least we are being true to our selves and not selling out."  Strong words from a strong band.

Wide arrays of influences were pulled together into the band's latest CD, Beginnings.  Every member has their own unique style which creates a melting pot of sound.  Music category doesn't matter; they melt influences together from classic rock to hip hop.  They have tried to put every sound that has touched them into their music.  If you liked their first two albums, 54 cent freq show and What's Inside, then you'll like everything on their new CD Beginnings.  Their music, including their new CD, can be purchased at

Having a good manager is important to any band's success and Frequency 54 is no different.  The group's manager, Andy Hernandez, has been the backbone of this band according to the members.  They say they would be nowhere without him.  He fought for the rights to record the popular hit Wicked Game, previously released by Chris Issac and HIM.  This release has had overwhelming response due to Justin's unique approach to the vocals.

Frequency 54 has caught my attention and has many fans across Michigan listening to their frequency.  They have been reviewed in the Flint Journal several times and you can hear their music on Banana 101.5 or WRIF 101.1.  If you like entertainment that resembles a freight train driving through a nitro glycerin plant, come join Frequency 54 at their CD release party of Beginnings on June 30 at The Machine Shop in Flint. This show is for 18 and over fans.  The show doors open at 7 pm.  $ 7.00 gets you in and the bands new CD.

Purchase tickets at and

* Name of Artist/Band? (Include all band members' names and instruments played.) Frequency 54 Lead vocals.. Justin Rose, Bass.. Jeremy Rose, Guitar.. Matt Adams, Lead Guitar.. Jamie Bothwell, Drums..Tony

* What is your background? (Who are you and your band members? (How long you have been together? Tell your stories.) We have been together for about 5 years now. All of us have day jobs. Most of us have families and are married.

* Why do you want to record and release your own music? Creativity is fun. When you have it you want to express it. Besides. There is not a better feeling in the world than when you look out over a crowd of hundreds of people and see them all singing to your music. It means you have touched them somehow. Its the greatest compliment any artist can recieve.

* Who is your fan/customer? If you like opera.. Your gonna hate us. If you hate 80's music.. Dont bother to listen.. If you cant stand the classics. you wont like us either. But. If you love wild guitar solos. Melody with your music and lyrics that mean more than just hate. Youll fit in with us perfect. We touch on party rock, we have ballads, we have metal, we have straight up rock, hell we might even touch on the side of easy listening in one of our songs. We write what we feel. We do this for us and everyone that feels the same way we do. We kinda have the attitude that if you dont like us.. We dont care. At least we are being true to our selves and not selling out.

* What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?) They differ. it really depends on how we are feeling that day.

* Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.) see above.

* Who are your musical influences? (Site specific examples.)all of us have diferent influences. Thats what mekes our music diferent and unique. Jamie is an 80s style guitar player. Tony loves classic rock.. Jeremy is into Tool and alot of the 90,s grunge rock along with alot of the music of today. as for me.. Well. I love every kind of rock. Ilove country music, i even enjoy some hip hop and ragay. i think the category shouldnt matter. If the music touches you... You shouldnt discard it just because its rock, or hip hop or jazz or whatever.

* How do you describe your music to people? Like a freight train driving through a nitro glicerine plant.

* What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.) To continue to meet awsome people, play with great bands and have fun.

* What are your long-term career goals? Every musician wants to make money doing what they love.

* Difference between the new material on this CD and your previous music? We have gotten better. Were better writers, Were better at our instramnets, Were better at everything. This is our third cd. We werent nurvouse in the studio this time. We knew what we could and what we could do.

* Do you have any personal contacts in the music business? I

* Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal and why? We dont care. We just want to make enough money to continue to do what we love. Touring would be great. But im not about to seel my soul or change my style for money. If they like us theyll sighn us. If not.. No big deal. We will do it without em.

* Do you have a press kit, or any promotional materials and where can they be attained? (WebŠ) and yes.. We have a press kit i can get to you

* What live performance experience have you had? Tons. We have played with tons of huge bands... Shindown, Silvertide, Buckcherry, Seven Mary Three, Warrant, .. Too many to list.

* How do you rate your live performance ability? Thats for our friends to rate. We try our best every show. We just hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as we are.

* Have you recorded any previous CDs/Tapes? (Which studios? Who produced it?) This is our third cd. The First two (54 cent freq show and Whats Inside) were done at 40 ounce studios in ann arbor. The New one (Beginnings) Was done in Troy by Midwest Studios.

* Have you had any previous print or broadcast media exposure or reviews? Yup. We have been printed by the Flint Journal several times. Been on the Banana 101.5 Several Time. and the wrif 101,1 plays us regularly.

* Who handles your daily business activities, Manager? (Bookings, promotions etc.) Our Manager handles most of it. His Name Is Andy Hernandez. We would honestly be nowhere without this man. He is the backbone of this band.

· What made you decide to redo "Wicked Game", interesting pick for a cover. Did it have anything to do with a Chris Issac influence or a Him influence? Nope.. actualy, i used to play accoustic guitar at bars and the guys would come up and watch me. Well, We had a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in detroit and had to fill some time. Tony loved the way I sang that song so we decided to play it there. It went over so well that we just kept on playing it. We never really wanted to put it out on the record but the response to it was so overwhelming that we felt that we should. Once we recorded it. We knew our friends were right. It took a ton of time to get the rights to put it out but it all worked out. Again we have to thank Andy for that. ( getting the rights)

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