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The recent Cirque show Quidam in Saginaw put it all out there -  fifty-two world class acrobats, musicians, singers, and unique characters that made for great entertainment.  The story line involves two apathetic parents that ignore their daughter, so she slides into an imaginary world.  Throughout the evening you were kept on the edge of your chair. 
The aerial act with a girl in a skin tight outfit, swinging from red silk bands of fabric was sensuous to say the least. The Chinese yo-yos (wooden spool on a string) were tossed around with mind boggling accuracy by four stunning young ladies. A very strong and agile couple did things with their bodies that defied gravity.  The aerial hoop girls' swung by their necks, in a death defying act from atop the Dow ceiling. 
Another aerialist looked like she was going to be part of the floor with her dangerous swing act (but she did have a safe cord attached), which she didn't even need because she never missed. The characters were awesome: Target (very funny man with a bull's eye on his chest), Boum-Boum: bald guy with boxing gloves, very dramatic, John: a seriously funny man in a blue suit & The Aviator, a man with wings.  
But no one topped the Mime.  He twice had audience participation.  This guy was flat hysterical. The ending fifteen person body flipping act had to be seen to be believed.  They threw people every which way but loose. Three very young girls dressed in white teddies and thigh- high white nylons were the main attraction in this act.  These pixies, must have weighed all of 90 pounds.  They were thrown to mind bending heights.  The people that saw the show raved about it. 
If it comes back to Saginaw- I'm there. So should you be.

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