Bernie voters are not Democratic voters.

And a large chunk of these voters as it stands will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

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05th April, 2016     1

Progressive radio host Tom Hartman made a good point today on his YouTube live stream.  He just figured out, something neither the other political pundits, candidates, voters had figured out about the “Bernie or Bust” rebellion within the Democratic Party.  Bernie voters are not Democratic voters.  And a large chunk of these voters as it stands will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election.  They will just stay away as they’ve done in the past.  Rightly Realizing that neither party looks out for the interests of the lower 90%.

They are a vast group of disaffected voters who have given up on the system.  They are largely made up of people who no longer vote or never voted before.  They are not as some often think taking away votes from Hillary Clinton.  What they are in fact are voters that the Democratic Party has never had or no longer have.  Like “The Occupy Movement” and “Black Lives Matter Movement” they are not the Ralph Nader supporters of the nineties that many say lost the election for Al Gore.  They are voting in a primary, not as a third-party as Nader did.  And a good percentage of them will vote “none of the above” if Hillary Clinton is the candidate.  Watch for some fancy footwork and span from the Democratic Party as they tried to take advantage of their newfound captive audience of friends.  Even though Bernie says he’ll vote for Hillary if defeated by her in the primary, the feel the Bern crowd is not on board with that part of his platform.  Even knowing full well that could make Trump president.  This is not the generation of best of 2 evils.  This is the generation of this shit stops here or you live under Trump.  That’s the terms laid out by the hostage takers in the negotiation.

So, the Democratic Party decided to throw a party, and the Democratic faithful came to support Hillary Clinton, but at the last minute, the party was crashed by an equal number of Bernie Sanders supporters who are neither invited nor expected.  The good news is that the gathering under the tent, has twice the expected attendees and the bad news it is is it’s getting rowdy and fights are breaking out in every corner of the room.

The question is can party leaders control the overflow crowd and give birth to a new Democratic Party that can keep the interest of their newly doubled population?


On the other side of the equation, we have Donald Trump.  Instead of showing up BYO “bring your own" he stole almost the entire passionate tea party wing right out from underneath the Republican party’s watchful eye.  Doing much more damage to the Republican Party than the Democrats ever could do. 

The winner in all this are the American citizens who have shown at least they are fed up with the 2 choices they have in parties and they are no longer going to attend unless things change.

At some point, all the gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and purging Democrats off voter registration rolls is not going to work much longer as the Republicans attempt to fight back against being outnumbered by millions of voters.  But if the Bill Clinton era Democratic Party continues to favor the upper 10% their time is going to run out to.  There is a mood on both sides in this country of betrayal and anger.  If the past is any indication… There is an 80-year cycle that is up 2016 that goes back to the beginnings of this country where the capitalist blow themselves up at their own hand and in the vacuum, the common man stages a rebellion that re-balances things.  I believe if I remember right this would be the 5th time that this has happened to this young country.  For more specific information on this cycle, you might want to read “CRASH OF 2016” by Tom Hartman


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johnny g

"the party was crashed by an equal number of Bernie Sanders supporters who are neither invited nor expected." Now isn't that just the problem? Party faithful Republican's say the same thing about Trump. Truth is, neither party WANTS an influx of new voters, they would prefer the corrupt and broken status quo with our oligarch-ish elite ruling class. Forget messages that may be inspiring people. Mr Taylor, I know lifelong democrats disgusted with Hillary, and voting for Bernie. It's too bad you feel other Democrats who have differing opinions than you shouldn't be allowed in your party.

January 18, 2018     10:01 PM


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