37th Annual REVIEW Music Awards Final Voting Round

Public Encouraged to Vote on the 'Final Five' through March 13th

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PLEASE NOTE:   If you are a nominated musician or band who made this final round of voting, please send us your physical mailing address, along with the names of the members in your band so we can mail out your invitations!  Please send this to: robert.review@gmail.com, or message us through our REVIEW facebook page.  If you have any questions call Bob Martin at 989-780-4162.


Since its inception in 1987 the annual Review Music Awards has evolved into a time-honored  tradition of bringing musicians of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genres together to both celebrate and honor the impact they make upon the expression and creation of music within our Great Lakes Bay region.

This celebration represents your voice in helping us honor the many talented musicians & artists that enrich our cultural climate and represent some of the very best performers we have throughout the state of Michigan.

During this year's nomination round we had an unprecedented number of 1,133 nominees in all division and a total of 5,540 votes cast!

With this Final Round of voting, the top five nominees in each division are listed and voting will run up until March 13th to determine the winner in each division.


1.  Please go to our website at www.review-mag.com and click the 'Log In' 'button at the top right corner of the navigation bar in order to register or log in with our site to be able to vote for the listed nominees. One click log-in from Facebook, Twitter and Gadget is also available.   Please Note: If you are already a registered user, you don’t need to re-register to vote. However, if you forgot your password, simply reset your password with the “forgot password” link.

2. After you are logged in and once you are in the 'AWARDS' section, which also can be found at the top of the navigation bar, you will see a list of the various categories of Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Miscellaneous. Clicking on each option will list the specific awards to be honored in each division. Select one name in each division to add your vote to their tally.

3. If you see more than five nominees in any of the division, this means there was a tie for 5th place in the nomination round. Nominees are also listed randomly in each section and not in the order of votes received during the nomination round.


1. NO BALLOT STUFFING! Because each computer, account, and IP address are recorded and automatically cross referenced, only one vote per award per person. Anybody attempting to cheat the voting process will cause all votes from that computer and/or account(s) to be discarded! However, if you only have one computer at home and several family members wishing to vote, this will be allowed within reason – If this is the case, you must indicate your name in a separate email to us.

3. You should not vote for any awards or categories you aren’t familiar with. Winners will be honored at our special 37th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony happening Sunday, April 30th at The Westown Theater in Bay City.  More details will be announced in our March 15th edition of The REVIEW.


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