2022 Winter Cannabis Guide

Going Green Continues to Reap Rewards for Bay County

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Bangor Township Supervisor Glenn Rowley’s enthusiasm is so palpable when describing the financial impact that cannabis has had on the township over the past couple years, that I almost  feel myself catching a contact high from the abundance of positive news.

Whereas 2020 saw Michigan cannabis dispensaries generate $984.7 million in excise taxes to be divided among jurisdictions that allowed such facilities, in 2021, that number nearly doubled, to $1.8 billion. 

“This is an industry that is … blowing away the standards that they thought they were going to have,” says Rowley. “We had enough money in our excise tax to match the entire amount of money we put into a road budget for 2021. And so we’re expecting more this year. For one thing, we’ve got more retail establishments. That means our piece of the pie is going to be a larger percentage to begin with.”

Rowley elaborates, “We’ve really had no negative issues with these players or their industry.. The only downside would be some that are so popular it’s causing traffic congestion getting in and out of their place. Other than that minor snag, he summarizes, “there’s a lot of good things happening here.” 

Bay City Planning and Zoning Manager Terry Moultane says some tweaks have been made since Bay City allowed cannabis shops in its jurisdiction in 2020. “We’ve made adjustments over time,” he says. “When the cap was at 25, there was a waiting list.” Today, Bay City has a cap of 50 retail dispensary operations, with 13 currently licensed facilities. Others are in the process of fulfilling requirements related to securing their license.

In contrast, Bangor Township has not set a cap for the number of licenses it will grant. The Township has 18 active dispensary licenses, 17 of which are currently open; the lone exception is Green Buddha on Wilder Road, which is planning to reopen at some point), Rowley says he believes the market will self-regulate based on supply and demand. 

Another positive in Rowley’s assessment of the industry is the number of local and Michigan-based owners that he deals with. He estimates that Michigan-based operations make up roughly 75 percent the licensees.

“The national places, the ones that have operations in Colorado, Washington, all over the place, we usually deal with their legal team,” says Rowley, adding, “whereas our homegrown talent, we’re usually dealing with the owner-operator who is a Michigan resident. A lot of times, it’s a local resident. I’d much rather talk to our local residents than some corporate attorney somewhere.”

Recently opened shops in Bay County include Smoke Society on Wilder Road, Nirvana Center on Washington Avenue, High Level Health on Broadway, and Bud Brothers on Huron Road. Saginaw County is also seeing an influx of cannabis shops (reflected in the Dispensary Guide listings), including a new Skymint location at the former Zorba’s Restaurant on Genesee.

Between generated funds to support law enforcement, education, and roads, Rowley stresses that good things are happening with the revenue. “I don’t see any negativity out of this industry, all I’m seeing is financial growth. This is an extra revenue stream to help do roads and things we’d expect our government to provide, outside of regular taxes.  We’re not going to paint the roads green so people know where the money came from, but good things are happening with this revenue.”

Winter 2022 Cannabis Dispensary Guide for Bay County and Surrounding Areas


Bay Area Meds

2245 S Huron Rd, Kawkawlin

(989) 778-1776

Hours: 12-8pm, Thurs - Mon.

Med only

Accepts Debit, VISA, MC, Discover; no ATM onsite. 

Opened Nov. 2019. Rewards program; Regular deals (BOGO, quantity specials). 



Bud Brothers 

3392 S. Huron Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-3777


Hours: 9am - 8pm Sun-Wed, 9am - 9pm Th-Sat

Locations in Battle Creek and Bay City (401 Lafayette St) opening in 2022


Canna Bay

1321 N. Sherman Ave, Bay City

(989) 402-9011

Med / Rec

Six Colo. locations, one Mich. location.  



Consume Cannabis

901 Cass Ave, Bay City

(989) 623-9600

Med / Rec

Hours: 10am – 8pm every day

Consume features tax-inclusive pricing.

Join the Consumer Club Loyalty Program and receive text messages with deals before they go live on the website. Consumer Club members get 1 point for every pre-tax dollar spent, points that count toward future purchases. Other MI locations: Alma, Harrisville, Ionia, Lapeer, and Quincy HQ: Chicago.

“We want every consumer to have a better understanding of cannabis and the effects it will have on their body. Education is at the heart of everything we do. We start by making sure our staff has a full understanding of the cannabis laws, products, and consumption methods. Our staff want you to find the cannabis product that is perfect for your needs.” 



Dank on Arrival

3650 Patterson Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-1461

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite


Diamond Cannabis Company

816 Washington Ave., Bay City

(989) 778-2269

Med / Rec




3843 N Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 671-9333

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Rewards program and 1st-timer specials for all clients. disposhops.com/


Elite Wellness

3389 S. Huron Rd, #3, Bay City

(989) 439-1711

Hours: 9am - 8pm every day


Essence Provisioning Center

759 E Pinconning Rd, Pinconning

(989) 879-4000

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Local owner, one location, opened Mar. 2020. Rewards program and 1st-timer specials for all clients. essencemichigan.com/


Fire Creek

3895 N Euclid Ave, Ste C, Bay City

(989) 439-1311

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite



Great Lakes Natural Remedies

3465 Sheridan Ave, Saginaw

(833) 456-7462


Opened Dec. 2021

Other MI locations: Benzonia, Manistee



Green Pharm

200 S Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 316-2833

Open 9am - 8pm every day

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Offers delivery within a 15-mile radius; $50 min.

Mich. owner; 4 locations (Bay City, Detroit, Kalkaska, Traverse City). 1st timers receive penny pre-roll with purchase; rewards program for med patients. Greenpharm420.com 


Hashish Boyz

305 N Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 439-1972

Med / Rec

ATM onsite

Curbside & Delivery


High Level Health Marijuana Dispensary

800 Broadway St, Bay City

(989) 882-9191

327 S Main St, Vassar

(989) 882-9101

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Company based in Colo.; operates three shops in Mich. (Vassar, Omer, East Tawas); Vassar location opened November 2019. Specials for 1st-time med patients; rewards program for all clients. highlevelhealth.com



208 Center Ave, Bay City

(989) 259-1307

3446 State St, Saginaw

(989) 252-7530

Other MI locations: Cadillac, Kalamazoo, Mackinaw City, Negaunee, Walled Lake



Nature’s Holiday

3620 S Huron Rd, Bay City

(989) 402-1519

Hours: 10am - 8pm every day

Med / Rec

Curbside pickup available.

Accepts cash; no ATM. Uses Paytender, which links to a bank account for no-fee transactions.

Local owner; one location. Discount for 1st timers and veterans; rewards program for all clients. naturesholiday.org/


Nature’s Medicines Dispensary

3480 E North Union Rd, Bay City

(989) 301-9718

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Based in Ariz., operates ships in Mich., Ariz., and four other states

1st timers receive a discount of 10% (rec) or 15% (med); rewards program for all clients. Wear your Nature’s Medicines T-shirt into the shop on Tuesdays and receive 10% off your order. naturesmedicines.com/d/


Nirvana Center

412 Washington Ave, Bay City



Based in Ariz.



3967 N Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 671-9999

Med/ Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Based in MI, one location. 1st timer discount for all clients.



Premier Provisioning Center

910 E Genesee, Saginaw


664 State Rd, Vassar

(989) 882-9006

1023 E. Caro Rd, Caro

(989) 882-0420


Puff Cannabis Company

1680 Marquette Ave, Bay City

(989) 778-1144

Med / Rec

Hours: 9am - 8pm every day

Cash only; ATM onsite

Local owner, three locations (Bay City, Traverse City, Hamtramck, Madison Heights, Utica), with shops scheduled to open in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. Daily specials. Bay City location opened for medical July 2019 and recreational Jan. 2020. 



Rair Systems

3772 Wilder Rd. 

9 am - 8 pm every day

Opened Sept. 2020

Delivery available; no min., 30% off first delivery order

Other MI locations: Muskegon, Big Rapids; Lowell 

Based in Jackson, MI

"At Rair Co., we understand that an exceptional product starts with an extraordinary process. Our aeroponic growing process ensures the cleanest cannabis and a consistently high-quality experience.”


ReLeaf Center

144 W Broad St, Chesaning

(989) 323-2071

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Company based in Niles, MI; operates shops in Niles, Lapeer, and Chesaning. Chesaning location opened summer 2018. Specials for 1st timers, rewards program for all clients, random specials. thereleafcenters.com/



3557 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-1348

Cash only; ATM onsite

Owned by Pharmaco Inc.



3976 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-1114

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite



4330 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 272-1745

300 Center Ave, Bay City

(989) 318-4888

700 Gratiot Ave, Saginaw

Med / Rec

Curbside service with reduced in-store capacity; ATM onsite

Currently operates 11 locations in MI. Saginaw Gratiot location opened January 2022; Center Ave location opened in 2021. Rewards program for all clients. skymint.com


Smoke Society

3697 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 391-9877

Opened January 2022

Hours: 9am - 9pm (Mon-Sat); 10am - 8pm (Sun)



The Station

302 E Huron Ave, Vassar

(989) 882-9298

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Penny prerolls for 1st-time med patients.


Uncle Bud’s Provisioning Center

11 S Huron Rd, Linwood

(989) 564-7040

Med only

Cash only; ATM onsite

Local owner, one location with two other Bay City locations opening soon; 1st-timers receive a nickel preroll with purchase; rewards program for all clients. 



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