Winners of the 35th Annual REVIEW Music Awards •

Cracking Open the Vault & Letting Live Music Spread Across the Valley

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The evening of May 16, 2021 is now properly logged within the pages of history. After 15 months of being locked down from the Pandemic, musicians, artists, community leaders, and the general public gathered together to blow down the walks of Jericho at the 35th Annual REVIEW Music Awards.

Held within the immaculately spacious splendor of The Vault, the 35th RMA’s moved back to Saginaw after being staged in Bay City for the past 6 years to honor 56 artists throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region in genres ranging from Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, and numerous Miscellaneous categories.

With stellar musical performances by newcomers Haley & the Sound Poets, rising Jazz and R&B influenced vocalist and songwriter Kalysta Sylvester, and all-female Rock quartet Konebra Kai, rounded out by show-stopping sets from seasoned professionals such as Michael Brush, Tom Dolson, Jack Nash, Julie Mulady, Andy Reed, J.D. Dominowski, The David Asher (D.A.B.) Band,  The Family Tradition Band and Marsupial Creampie, an appreciative, engaged, and exuberant audience of 201 nominees & attendees gathered together to celebrate the wondrous gift of musical creativity that when performed within the context of a live environment creates a synergy that not only sets one’s spirt free but lets it spread across all barriers and soar to the heavens.

This year a total of 584 musicians and groups were nominated with a total of 2,854 people casting their votes in the nomination and final balloting round from January through March of this year. The top five artists in each division move to the final round and this year 91 of the 180 final division nominees and a total of 110 tickets were sold to the general public.  Because of on-going lock-down restrictions in the State of Michigan, we were limited to a maximum capacity of 300 people.

A complete list of all the honorees is listed below.

We’ll also be showcasing a highlight 2-hour highlight video that will air on youTube in in the near future.

Miscellaneous Awards

Best Metal Band • A Silver Lining

Best Musical Fundraising Project • Hidden Harvest Carols • 3rd St. Star Bridge

Best Sound Technician • Carey Limberg

Best Live Streaming Production • Pickin’ In the Kitchen

Best Videographer • Amelia Jo

Best Rock Station • WKZQ - Z-93

Best Recording Studio • Reed Recording Co.

Best Band Website •

Best Alternative Band • The Fireside Wake

Best New Album or CD Release • Amy Petty • The Darkness of Birds

Best Streaming Music Series • Pickin’ in the Kitchen

Best Duo • Melissa May & Brian Coonan

Best Live Streaming Performance • Andy Dalton

Best Variety Band • Marsupial Creampie

Most Innovative Artist • Andy Dalton

Best Instrumentalist • Andy Dalton

Best Music Video • Gone • Matt deHeus

Best New Artist of the Year • Brightyn Jude

Best New Single Release •Gone • Matt deHeus

Best Original Band • Barbarossa Brothers

Best Solo Artist • Amy Petty



Best Rock Video • Pay Check • Fireside Wake

Best Keyboardist • Loren Kranz

Best Female Vocalist  Shannon Schnettler

Best Rock Songwriter  • J.D. Dominowski

Rock Male Vocalist • Andy Dalton

Best Rock Band • Hedge Row

Best Rock Drummer • Steven Schnettler

Best Rock Bassist • Bruce LaFrance

Best Rock Guitarist • Cheryl Lyons

Rap/Hip-Hop Awards

Best Producer • Anthony Lee

Best Rap Video • Mike Spitz

Best Promoter • Chris Redburn

Best DJ • Shawn MacDonald

Best Rap Songwriter • Mike Spitz

Best Performer • Mike Spitz

Rap Artist of the Year • Mike Spitz

Country Awards

Country Female Vocalist • Mandi Layne

Best Country Video • Gone - Matt DeHeus

Best Country Band • The Family Tradition Band

Best Country Songwriter • Matt deHeus

Best Country Musician • Steve Armstrong

Country Male Vocalist • Tyler Hughey

Jazz Awards

Male Jazz Vocalist • Mike Brush

Best Small Combo • The Straight Eights

Best Jazz Songwriter • Mike Brush

Male Jazz Vocalist • Mike Brush

Best Big Band • 23 North

Female Jazz Vocalist • Kalysta

Best Jazz Musician • Scott VanDell

Blues Awards

Female Blues Vocalist • Kris Pride

Best Blues Video • Soaring - FOR Collective

Best Blues Band • Rhett Yocum Blues Band

Male Blues Vocalist • Rick Gellise

Best Funk Band • FOR Collective

Best Blues Songwriter • Rosco Selley

Best Blues Instrumentalist • Rosco Selley


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