What's Going On With Democratic Voting in America?

As if Gerrymandering, Super Delegates, and Electoral Colleges Weren't Enough...

Posted In: Politics, National,   By: John Galt

24th March, 2016     0

Some interesting points about the AZ Democratic primary:

70% of the ballots were cast by mail, which, the demographics highly favored Clinton.

The number of polling locations were drastically reduced with one county having as low as one polling location per 21,000 registered voters.

There were widespread reports of voters having their party affiliation switched or removed preventing them from voting (after standing in line for hours) in this closed primary.

Combined with the fact that media outlets were calling the race with less than 1% of votes counted with people still standing in line, waiting to vote (or be rejected).

As if gerrymandering, super delegates, and electoral colleges weren't enough to make you question if we truly have democratic elections, this seems to reek of something far worse than incompetance! 



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