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07th December, 2017     0

The Saginaw Old Golds are now six-time World Champions, willing over the La-De-Dahs 14-7, 12-3 over Bay City, and 11-4 over Walker Tavern. “I’m now ‘Seis Equis’, John Thomas is this year’s PGA Champ and Tiger Woods is history. These are but a few of the thoughts that kick off this year’s look back on the expansive World of Sports in 2017.

Fight of the Year: Floyd Mayweather (record 50-0) beat Conor McGregor (kick-boxer) in 10 rounds on a TOK. Money earned: Floyd $373 million; Conor $100 Million.

Japan Beat Texas in the Little League World Series 12-2. Those kids practice defense 4 hours before every single game – nothing is worth that much time. 

The Big Ten did not have a good Bowl season. Out of 13 teams 4 teams didn’t make a Bowl game, 3 Bowl wins, and 7 Bowl losses.  Purdue 3-9-No Bowl, Illinois 3-9-No Bowl, Rutgers 2-10-No Bowl (THIS SCHOOL SHOULD DROP FOOTBALL), MSU 3-9-No Bowl, Northwestern 7-6-Beat Pitt, Minnesota 9-4-Beat Washington State, Nebraska 9-4-Beat Tennessee, Iowa 8-5-Lost to Florida 30-3 in Tampa (I WAS THERE-THE DEFENSE WON THE GAME), Wisconsin 11-3, beat Western Michigan (MAC team), Maryland 6-7-lost to Boston College, Indiana 6-7-Lost to Utah, Michigan 10-3-lost to FSU by one point (Great Game), Ohio State 11-3-lost to Clemson 31-0 (ASS KICKED), & Penn State 11-3-Lost to USC 52-49 (GAME OF THE YEAR WITH 9 TD PASSES).

I went to the NCAA Championship Football game in Tampa. What a great game!  Clemson 35- Alabama 31. It was decided with a pass to Hunter Renfrow in the very last second. DeShaun Watson was awesome, going 36 of 56 for 405 yards and 4 TDS. DeShaun will be a first round draft pick. PROJECTED PICKS: Jabrill Peppers (U of M) going to Tampa and Taco Charlton (U of M) to the Lions.

NFL Players are taking a knee to protest Racial Inequality. In England two NFL teams took the knee for the American flag, but sang ‘God Save the Queen’. These dopes never heard of apartheid, they are so damn stupid. 1.3 Americans have died defending our country. While his Pittsburgh teammates stayed in the locker room when the flag went up before the game, one player stood alone to honor America: Alejandor Villanueva (Army Captain – 3 tours in Afghanistan) who at 6’9” and 320 lbs. stood tall. He’s tall in my heart. The NFL didn’t like Tim Tebow taking a knee for Christ, but does not mind its players disrespecting God & Country. People go to see a game not be preached to politically. The worst instance of a person taking a knee happened in Detroit – the singer of the national anthem took a knee. Bar none, the dumbest action yet. Attendance has dropped 10%.

NFL NO STARS / PRISON TIME. Kevin Allen, 15 years; Plxico Burress, 2 years; Bill Cannon, 5 years; Raie Carruth, 24 years; Cecil Collins 15 years; Dwayne Goodrich, 12 ½ years; Darryl Henley, 42 years; Darren Sharper, 20 years; OJ Simpson, 25 years (now out). More stupid BUCS QB Jamie Winston is accused of groping an Uber driver. With dope, you have already been accused of rape. Now this?

TWO GOD AWFUL NFL TEAMS: Cleveland Browns, 0-11; and San Francisco (1-10). That’s 1-21. Draft picks 1 and 2.

LOOKING BACK: Rock Marciano was 49-0 and World Champion. He died at age 45 in a plane crash at night. Aaron Hernandez (NFL Star) who killed 3 people has his family suing the NFL because the reason he did it was purportedly caused by a head concussion suffered playing football for the NFL. I don’t think so!  Some NFL players want a month to honor social activism – great, do it in June in an empty stadium. I want to protest because you dopes can’t find a cross walk.

Saginaw’s Serena Williams (36) married Alexis Ohaian (34).  They had a child on September 1st (Alexis Olympia).  American Shalane Flangan (36) won the NY Marathon.  First American in 40 years.  Time: 2:28:08.  The mens’ went to Geoffrey Kamworor Kenya 2:10:53.

The Baseball HOF got it right in 2017 by selecting Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, & Ivan Rodriquez. Pudge was a Tiger for 5 years, 21-year catcher, .296 batting average, 311 HRS, and 1332 RBI’S. Jeff Bagwell: 15 YRS, .993 FA, 297 batting average, 449 HRS, and 1529 RBI’S. Tim Raines: 23 YRS, 170 HRS, 980 RBI’S, .294 batting average, 808 SB.

The USA won the World Baseball Tournament in 2017 for the first time, beating Puerto Rico 8-0 in the final. Sports Story of the Year: University of Connecticut Girls Basketball team killed Mississippi State by 60 points a year ago and this year after winning 111 games in a row, lost at the buzzer by 2 points to the same team. The next game in the Finals Mississippi State lost to South Carolina who made their first ever national girls basketball final.

The Cleveland Indians won 22 straight games – an American League All-time Record. Aaron Judge won the American League Rookie of the Year. 542 AB, 52 HRS (Rookie Record: 49), 114 RBi’s and 154 hits. This kid is 6/7, 282 lbs., Aaron has now won the College and MLB Homerun Derby. In high school, he was All-state in Basketball and had 17 TD’s in football.

Roger Federer blew away Marin Cilic 6-3, 6-1, 6-4, to win his 8th Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

Mujtaba al Sweikat was going to be a soccer player at Western Michigan, but he was caught protesting the Saudi Government; so they will be cutting off his head with 13 others.

Jordan Spieth won The British Open by going 5 under on his last 5 holds. With that he won his third major and he is only 23.

Matt Stafford of the Lions signed a $153-million-dollar contract for five years. Matt’s record: 51 wins – 58 losses. First ten games 6 wins, 63.1% completions, 19 touchdowns, 2760 yards. That’s still a lot of money. Tom Brady makes less money and has five Super Bowl wins, while Stafford has zero.

NCAA BASKETBALL 2017 FINAL 4: South Carolina (1st TIME), Gonzaga (1st TIME), North Carolina (Again), & Oregon. Oregon won the very 1st NCAA Championship in 1939 with 15 white guys. They beat Ohio State 46-33, it took 78 years to get back. North Carolina beat Gonzaga in the final for their 10th National Title (I won $80.00 in our Condo Pool).

NHL PLAYOFFS 2017: Ottawa Senator Goalie Craig Anderson stood on his head in game 6 win and put his team in the Final Four. His wife Nicholle has two kids and is fighting cancer. Sidney Crosby has been crunched game after game, but keeps coming back. FINAL 4 NHL PLAYOFFS: PREDS, DUCKS, PENS, & SENATORS. Pittsburgh again were Cup winners in 6 games over Preds.  Hockey HOF 2017: my friend Dave Andreychuk: 1639 games, 640 goals, & 1338 pts. Scored a record 274 P.P. goals.  As a kid, he lived in a 900-square foot home.

LONGEST NAME EVER IN SPORTS: NBA – Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo.

MASTERS 2017: Winner Sergio Garcia won in a playoff over Justin Rose. It was Sergio’s 73rd try in a major event. Red Wings missed the playoffs for the first time in 25-years. Tiger Woods said he is coming back this year – too late! Brooks Koepka shot 16-under to win the U.S. Open and $2.1 million. A few years ago, he lost his wife to cancer.

MY 2018 BASEBALL HALL OF FAMEJACK MORRIS – best pitcher in the 90’s by 41 wins over the next closest, 4 World Series rings, 10 innings with a 1-0 shutout in game 7 at 37-years old. Also, Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerro, Trevor Hoffman, Allan Trammell.

A 94-year old lady ran 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 42 minutes.

ENDORSEMENTS: Lebron James ($55 million); Tiger Woods ($20 million and he has not won in four years).

Venus Williams was in a car accident (she was not at fault) that killed 78-year old Jerome Barson.

The NHL is 100-Years Old This Year. They picked the All-Time Players ever (at the L.A. All-Star Game). Out of the Top 100, 24 of them were full/part time Detroit Red Wings. THE LIST:  Sid Abel 11-year Wing: 189 Goals/472 PTS. Andy Bathgate -2-year Wing -349 Goals - 973 PTS. Johnny Bucyk (2 YRS), 556 Goals/1369 PTS. Charlie Conacher (1 YR), 225 Goals/398 PTS. Alex Delvecchio (24 YRS), 456 Goals/1281 PTS. Glenn Hall (4 YRS), played 19 YRS - 2.49 G.A. Doug Harvey (2 GAMES), 88 Goals / 540 PTS. Gordie Howe (25 YRS), 1071 Goals. Red Kelly (13 YRS), 823 PTS - 8 Stanley Cups. Ted Lindsay (14 YRS), 379 Goals / 851 PTS, 1808 PM. Frank Mahovlich (4 YRS), 533 Goals / 1103 PTS. Terry Sawchuck (14 YRS), 2.52 GA & 2.54 Playoff GA. Marcel Dionne: (4 YRS), 139 Red Wing Goals / 731 Goals / 1771 PTS. Brad Park (2 YRS), 896 PTS. Paul Coffey (4 YRS), 396 Goals / 1531 PTS. Sergei Federov: (11 YRS), 483 Goals / 1179 PTS. Mike Modano (1 YR), Adam Oates (4 YRS), 1420 PTS. Steve Yzerman (22 YRS), 692 Goals / 1755 PTS. Brett Hull (3 YRS), 741 Goals / 1391 PTS. Luc Robitaille (2 YRS), 557 Goals/1154 PTS. Brendan Shanahan (9 YRS), 656 Goals/1354 PTS. Dominik Hasek (4 YRS), 2.20 G.A. Pavel Datsyuk (14 YRS), 314 Goals/918 PTS. Nicklas Lidstrom (20 YRS), 264 Goals/1142 PTS - 4 Stanley Cups.

TIGER WOODS returned for the Farmers Insurance Open and didn’t make the cut: 76-72. Rookie John Rahm eagled the last hole for a 275 and $1.25 million. Next time out, Woods shot 77 and withdrew. In May Tiger was found in his car asleep at the wheel (pain killers).

The Tampa Bucs signed De’Sean Jackson for 3-years at $35 million. Colin Kaepernick was cut by the 49’ers. Lebron James says Colin Kaepernick is the New Martin Luther King. Ah, no – Lebron is the New Dope.

I went to the new Red Wing’s stadium Little Caesar’s Arena ($862.9 million). Wide hallways, giant scoreboard, great parking, Karen Newman singing, Marines honored, no one taking a knee, and hats off to people singing and honoring our country. They do need stand-up tables for people not wanting to go to the stadium restaurants and deeper cup holders at the seats in the first ten rows.

LOOKING BACK: The 1984 Detroit Tigers won 17 straight road games. I still miss Ernie. OMG the owners have lost their minds: Stephen Curry signed a 5-year $210 million-dollar contract. Stupid I thought when a 20-year old Connor McDavid got $13.25 million a season for the next eight years. That was unreal. Not anymore. Curry refused to be honored at the White House.

AGAIN: Saginaw’s Serena Williams (age 35), won her 7th Australian Open and a record braking 23rd Tennis Grand Slam (beating out Steffi Graf). She beat her sister 6-4….6/4. THE NBA ALL-STAR GAME IS A JOKE…WEST 192 EAST 182…THAT’S 374 PTS. Jeff Van Gundy said “ABOLISH IT”.  

Michael Floyd in the NFL gets cut by Arizona after being arrested for a DUI. Three days passed and he became a member of the New England Patriots. This does not send a good message.

NFL PLAYOFFS 2017: Atlanta 44-Green Bay 21. Matt Ryan: 27 of 38, 4 TDS, 392 yards. Julio Jones 9 caught for 180 yards. New England 36 Pittsburgh 17. Tom “All World” Brady (Age 39): 32 of 42, 384 yards, 3 TD’S.                   

PRO BOWL IN ORLANDO: AFC 20 NFC 13. The Blue and the Orange Ballet tight uniforms were stupid. THE BEST SUPER BOWL OF ALL-TIME. Down 28-3 to Atlanta in the 3Rd, Tom Brady fired them back to a late 28-28 tie. Then the Pats won the coin flip and took the offense down the field and won 34-28 (Game Over). Tom Brady won his 5TH Super Bowl (A Record) by going 43 of 63 passes for 442 Yards (Did it with Mom in the Stadium - she is fighting cancer).   TOM BRADY IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE GREATEST NFL QB EVER.  His jersey was stolen after the game and is valued at $200,000. Tom Brady was ripped for being a friend of Donald Trump - too stupid to talk about. ONE GREAT FOOTBALL NAME: NEW ENGLAND’S ANDY AMENDOLA.

Talking about a game-used jersey, I once bought a used Wayne Gretzky 1981-82 jersey from the team trainer for $500.00, sold it for $15,000.00, TODAY IT SOLD FOR $356,000.00.  YES, THAT’S NUTS.  

2017 BASEBALL AWARDS • AMERICAN LEAGUE MVP: Jose Altuve (World Series Champion) Jose (5’6”) only made $506,000 in 2017. Altuve hit 346, 24 home runs, 81 RBI’s. NATIONAL LEAGUE • Giancario Stanton beat out Joey Votto by 2 pts. Stanton blasted 59 home runs and 132 RBI’s. Stanton has a $325 million ,13-year contract. American League Cy Young • Casey Kluber (14-5, 2.25 ERA, 265 k’s. He makes $5]4.5 million a year. National League Cy Young • Max Scherzer (former Tiger) 2017: 16 – 6, 2.5 ERA, 268 K’s. He makes $15 million a year. Max won it in 2016 as well.

Robert Marchand of France (age 105) cycled 14 miles in one hour.

MSU BEAT U of M (27-23).  The Wolverines lost every big game. MSU, Ohio State (31-20) Penn State (42-13) and Wisconsin (24-10).

Joe Namath & Mike Ditka said NFL Players should stand to honor America. Marshawn Lynch took a knee in an NFL game in Mexico. Hey, Dumb Butt – seen any Americans breaking into Mexico lately?

DUMB ASS OF THE YEAR • Lavar Ball. Dad of two UCLA players, one is now an L.A. Laker ripped on Trump even though the President got his young son out of a 10-year prison sentence with two others in China, where he stole from three stores. His brother Lonzo was the second pick this year in the NBA Draft. He’s only eighth on his team in scoring (8.8 points a game). Dad Lavar Ball averaged 2.2 points a game with Washington for a year. Yes, he sucked, too.\

The NFL Philadelphia Eagles have not taken a knee in protest. UCF is 12-0 and beat USF, who is 9-2 by 49-42. Quinton Flowers completed passes for 503 yards, 4 touchdowns, and ran for 102 more and TD. UCF coach Scott Frost was 0-12 two years ago. He took the program to 12-0 this year. UCF won on a 95-year kick return.

Oscar Pistorius got 13 years added to his sentence for whacking his wife.

Worst Trade in NHL History • Roy Ramage for Brett Hull. Hull went out to score 41, 72, 86, 70, 54, and 57 goals in six years.


In my last Tampa Bucs game, the half show was the Marines singing ‘God Bless America’. On Thanksgiving Day, the Detroit Lions had Jason Derulo singing ‘Talk Dirty to Me’. Nice touch. Here’s the full lyrics (thank God these were left out) – “Her pussy’s so good I bought her a pet”…and “Got her saved in my phone under Big Booty.’

DEATHS • 2017: Yordano “Ace” Ventura, age 25, Strikeout pitcher in Kansas City killed in a car accident. In the same week Ande Marte was also killed in a car crash - he was with the Cleveland Indians for 5 years. Milt Schmidt, famous Boston Bruin, was 98. Fab Melo, Syracuse Basketball player died at 22. Charles Shackleford, Mets, passed at age 50. Elmer Lach, 14-year Montreal Canadian, Rocket Richard teammate, dead at age 97. The Cubs former manager, Dallas Green passed. Jim Bunning – Tiger great – dead at 85. Jack McCloskey, Piston GM for 14 years died at age 91. Jimmy Piersall who once tried to kill me after I asked for him to sign a ball and I called him nuts when he didn’t want to, passed at 87. Ted Lepcio called him the ‘Best Centerfielder I’ve ever seen”. In 17 years, Piersall had a .990 FA. Jimmy also hit 272, 104 home runs and had 591 RBI’s.

Maple Leaf star Tod Sloan passed at 89, as did Ara Parseghian at 94. He was 131-52-5 overall as a coach, 95-17-4 @ Notre Dame.  My friend “Murky” Waters played for MSU in the 10-10 tie with the Irish.  MLB star Don Baylor died at 69.  MSU coach Jud Heathcoat passed at 90.  He won the NCAA Championship in 1979 with Magic Johnson.  Overall Record: 420-273.  Roy “Doc” Halladay (Age 40) died in a plane crash in Gulf of Mexico (1/4 of a mile off of Port Richey).  Left a wife and 2 sons.  Record 203-105, 3.38 ERA, 2117 K’s, 8-time All Star, 2 Cy Young.  He coached his 2 sons at Calvary (my church) in Clearwater, Florida. 

Also passing: YA Tittle, famous Giant QB Bobby Lane & YA Tittle had some awesome game finishes against each other), Don Baylor, Darren Daulton, Babe Parilli, Gene Conley, Jack McClosky, Jim Bunning (a no hitter in each league), Mike Illitch, and Milt Schmidt. 

Red Schoendienst lives on at 94.


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