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W989Radio's #TheShop is a show where artists submit music to be critiqued by our panel of respected artists and listeners featuring: Tay Ray, Phe McWright, Bub Bizzle, La La, & SKE3M. You can catch The Shop live at Weds & Thurs at 10PM. Songs are rated From 0-5 based on categories including lyrics, substance, originality, beat selection, & mix. Mind you, this is OUR OPINION- If you're sensitive, don't submit your music to us.

Greg Joslin f/ JP - Go Hard

Biz: Man... I think it's just not nothing I would play but for the club. This will knock, but not in regular rotation. I give it a 3.

Phe: I actually liked it it sounded original. He rode his lane. I mean lyrically it aint the best, but he established what he wanted to do. The hook was nice, the beat was straight. I'll give it a 4. He stayed true to what he was speaking, I applaud the effort.

Tay Ray: Yaarrr! It was a dope club joint, like everyone else said, I see it poppin' tuff at the Venues. I say 3.

SKE3M: It was straight, not bad, I'd rock to it in the club, not so much outside of that. But it'll do; the hook was nice. I give 'em a 3.

Overall that's strong 3. Shout out to Greg Joslin for sending the joint.

Majick – Popular

Tay Ray: I give that a 4.5! It was crazy how he made his words come to life. And he killed the sample; it was dope.

Biz: Yeah man, I'm going with 4.5 too. Majick is nice. The Beat was Dope, the flow was Ill... Could've switched the sample a bit but other then that- nice 4.5

Phe: Listen, give that good man a 5! That was dope, nice sample I never heard no one spit over, plus he was "spazzin" on the verses, stayed on topic, and got better each bar. Yo, when yall send songs in, send songs like this! 5

SKE3M: I never heard the beat. Great way to find a dope beat. He slaughtered the song, was straight to the point. Verses were sharp, I mean fam went hard. 4.5 from Me.

Overall solid 4.5 Salute! Majick - Track was ill!

Ray P, King Smooth, & Bishop - Bulletproof

Phe: Yo!!!! Ray P riding the track like he was in both lanes. I give it a 4, great Riding Music great just to vibe to. Only thing I ain't feel was the autotune on the hook. Other than that everybody "brought it."

Biz: I'm gonna match that 4. Great straight riding music; I'd rock to that all day, and dudes was Rippin', good track.

Tay Ray: Yaarrr! The song was sick! Bishop, Ray P, Smooth. They was going off. Dope track, beat was nice, Yaarrr! It "Go Hard" 4 fa sho.

SKE3M: I think the joint was crazy, I dug the auto tune. the mix could've been better, but the flow was bananas! That's a complete record! Solid 3.5

Overall a good 4. Shout out to Murda Mitten, & D.R.E.E.M. ent.

If you'd like to submit songs, send them to Stay posted with the Review each issue, and tune in to the show to see if you made the cut. #WeOUT - Tay Ray, Phe McWright, Bub Bizzle, & SKE3M - #ThePanel


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