The Road Dawgz • A Musical Testament that Variety is the Spice of Life

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The 5-piece musical group known as The Road Dawgz consist of five eclectic and talented individuals of the Great Lakes Bay region’s club and festival circuit who with their deft musicianship, engaging performance skills, and broad terrain of material offer audiences an opportunity to unwind and lose themselves in a carousel of retro-pop classics spanning the decades, that have brought feet to the dance floor and smiles to the faces of generations young and old.

Comprised of veteran musicians Bob Holtzapple, Kurt Dahlburg, Paul Alcron and Dan Fish,  the group is rounded out by the gifted talents and sparkling pizazz of vocalist and front-woman Danielle Katsoulos, who also has a strong background in community theatre, having acted and directed in several plays at Pit & Balcony Community Theatre when she’s not fronting the band or focused upon her day job tculteaching young students.

This year The Road Dawgz were voted Best Variety Band in the Great Lakes Bay Region at the 2023 37th Annual REVIEW Music Awards back in May, proving their passion and commitment for bridging the gaps between generations by creating a fun filled evening of energetically executed live music for all adult ages paid off in spades after years of diligently cultivating their audiences and fan-base.

Performing material from artists as divergent as Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, The White Stripes, Pink, and Badfinger to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Journey, The Georgia Satellites and The Dixie Chicks, when asked what qualities contribute to the sound of the band and distinguish them from other groups performing a variety of color materials, the group points to their unique blend of combined experience, diverse backgrounds, and strong stage presence.

“Together as a band we have extensive training and practice in various genres from rock n’ roll, pop, country, to musical theatre,” reflects Katsoulos. “It’s never just one person bringing song choices to the table. I might suggest a new song to learn one week and then our bass player the next, which truly gives us an eclectic setlist in musical decade and genre.”

Another distinguishing factor that makes the group unique and gives it an edge is the fact they have four singers.   “Our female lead singer is very high energy and brings an element of choreography to the stage,” states Dahlburg.  our bass player has been known to climb on bars and tables and play amongst the crowd, our drummer has a new hat for every song and loves to show off his skills standing or sitting;”

“And our lead guitarist has a wide vocal range and precise musical techniques,” interjects Danielle. “Plus  our keyboard player, Bob Holtzapple,  allows us to incorporate songs that require brass and woodwind instruments such as Locomotive Breathe by Jethro Tull,  I Feel Good by James Brown, and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

“Mainly, we really just have a blast, engage with the crowd, and sell the Party.”

When asked what their reaction was upon learning they’d been chosen by fans and the voting public as the Best Variety Band in the region, the group says they were surprised.

“There’s so much talent in the tri-city area so just making it in the top five felt like an honor,” notes Fish.  “The band has been around for quite some time, but we have acquired some newer members in the last few years that have really changed the vibe of the band in a positive way”.

In terms of their future goals, the Dawgz say they would like to expand their show and shoot for more large scale opportunities. At this juncture they feel they’re ready for that next level and also plan to compose some original music this upcoming year.

As for whey they feel the group resonates so strongly in terms of cultivating a supportive fan base, Danielle points to the simple fact that the ban loves playing and having fun together.

“We do strive to make the crowd feel like they’re part of the show, but ultimately we believe that if you’re on stage loving what you do, your fans will also enjoy it. We also like getting to know our fans and seeing familiar faces. We definitely play for the love of music above anything, but having the ability to generate a fun, entertaining, environment through the art of sharing music is priceless.”

“We’re extremely grateful for the love and support of our fans because without them we wouldn’t be sharing music, we would just be having another band practice.”

To find their performance schedule and learn more about The Road Dawgz check out their facebook page and don’t forget to screen their youtube videos!




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