The 2nd Annual ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’ Film Festival

October 17 & 19 Festival at the Westown Showcases Local & Regional Filmmakers Experimenting with Horror, Suspense and Challenging our Sense of the Unknown<p>While the Great Lakes Bay area is fortunate to have numerous film festivals evolvin

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While the Great Lakes Bay area is fortunate to have numerous film festivals evolving throughout the region, those eager to experience that specific niche of cinema that engages in horror, suspense, and our sense of the unknown will definitely not want to miss the 2nd Annual Things That Go Bump in the Night Film Festival, which will take place on Friday, October 17th at the Westown Theatre in Bay City’s Midland Street District, with the festival running from 7:00 – 10:00 PM, with an encore matinee on Sunday, October 19th from 3:00 – 6:00 PM. Admission is only $5.00 and tickets are good for both days of the festival.

The TTGB Film Festival is the brainchild of Wade Lodewyk and his production company, Even Keel Productions. Initially the festival was organized to give local moviemakers an opportunity to show their projects on a big screen in a public venue. With the success of last year’s festival Lodewyk says he was encouraged to do it again this year, with strong response building.

“We have had 12 filmmakers show interest and submit movies for this year’s festival,” he explains, “including movie makers from Lansing and Jackson. All the films are ‘shorts’ with the longest running 22 minutes and the shortest film running 2-minues and 30 seconds. Eight films have been selected for the festival.”

“The quality of the movie submissions we have received are outstanding,” continues Wade.  “There is a great deal of talent in the area and I am excited to be able to give them an opportunity and venue to showcase their craft. We are also fortunate that Bruce Falcon and his partners of the Westown Theater are such a strong supporter of the indie film community. To be able to show these movies on a big screen is very exciting for the filmmakers.”

Lodewyk says that his idea for this festival came about as the result of a short movie he made called Wenonah’s Secret, which he was fortunate to have shown at the State Theatre. “During filming I met local independent filmmakers that lamented the fact they did not have a venue to show their movies, so for the first festival I constructed a nice 6x10 screen for the theatre.”

All films will be shown in three blocks with intermissions between each block of movies. A cash bar, soft drinks and popcorn will also be available.  Here is the line-up of this year’s 2nd annual TTGB Film Festival:

Block 1

The Dark Side of Life.  Directed by Eric Loubert of Gladwin. The movie is based upon four of Edgar Allen Poe’s more obscure poems. Run time 21 minutes

Killer Shades: The Ronnie Blu Obsession. Directed by Colton Hayward of Munger. This movie is part 1 of a trilogy. When a man makes a deal to meet his dream woman, he gets more than he bargained for. Run time 22 minutes.

20-minute intermission

Block 2

5 BY 5.  Directed by Allan Harvey of Jackson. Part 2 of the Killer Shades trilogy. A serial killer picks the wrong target and finds himself the hunted. Run time 14 minutes.

Luka. Directed by Michael Vilegas of Lansing.   Part 3 of the Killer Shades trilogy. When John and Andy meet Luka at the local pub, a night out for a couple beers goes very, very badly. Run time 15 minutes.

Under The Bed.  An Even Keel Production. While getting tucked in for the night a little boy is worried something is under his bed. He’s right, there is. Run time 2:30.

20 minute Intermission

Block 3

He’s Talking.  Directed by Michael Welborn of Bay City. A small town detective investigates a series of violent crimes but may be getting to close to the case. Run time 14:30.

The Pale Magician: Chapter #3.  Taken from the feature film project, THE KING IN YELLOW.  Directed by GC Kirkland of Bay City. A bizarre and twisted look at a Y2K scenario. Run time 9:20.

Rehearsal.  Directed by Nic White of Bay City. A young man practices and practices a gruesome task until he gets it right. Just one more rehearsal before his big performance. Run time 13 minutes.

After the movies there will be a meet and greet for directors, actors, writers and anyone interested in the local independent film making scene from 10pm to 11pm at Jack’s Country Saloon, next to the theater. The is no admission charge to the meet and greet and is a great way to make some connections and network.

The Killer Shades Trilogy concept is very cool,” notes Lodewyk.  “Each movie is based upon a person who somehow comes into ownership of a pair of sunglasses (Killer Shades) that have a dark power. Each movie is linked by the glasses, but each director developed their own script without knowledge of what happened in the other movies. That should be very interesting.”

Tickets for the Things That Go Bump in the Night Film Festival are available in advance or at the door.  


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