Tension Head

Can't Please Everybody

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15th March, 2012     0

Chuck Rossio     Vocals
Anthony Garcia  Bass
Sean Griffin       Guitar
JoJo Jimenez      Drums
Tension Head is a great band and the members have 50 years of experience to back it up. You can readily put this band in a recognizable bag - Hard Rock or Heavy Metal, the name fits. They've been building a solid reputation in mid-Michigan for the past nine years with rock hard testosterone-fueled music that propels a full frontal assault of your senses and slugs you like a nuclear sledgehammer on full meltdown. It's the hatchet to a Viking's skull helmet; it penetrates you, baby.
These cats are all-pro, been there done that. They play tight as a vise and know each other's moves. They are on their game. Tension Head played the Jagermeister Mobile Stage at Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival two years straight and stole the show. They make regular appearances at the Machine Shop, a legendary rock & roll ballroom in Flint - a second home to Kid Rock and other great artists such as Sponge, Uncle Kracker, Puddle of Mud and a host of other great touring acts that have an edge.
Currently Tension Head is in the midst of growth and critical acclaim. They were voted Band of the Year 2011 by Flint's Rock Radio Banana 101.5 and will headline @ the Machine Shop.  They recently signed on with Bullfrog Records, a company owned by local impresario Chad Cunningham who is an influential curator of mid-Michigan arts and music. It seems that Finding Clyde, the phenomenal new band on Bullfrog Records told Cunningham about Tension Head. Never one to ignore a lead, Chad hunted down a video of Never Enough. He loved it. Session time was duly scheduled and Never Enough (from Tension Head's Do or Die CD) was reborn as Can't Please Everybody. It came together like an errant father claiming a bastard child. Metal now co-existed with melody.
Chuck Rossio explained;
 “It's just down tempo enough that DJ's will play it. Girls can dance to it and guys can bang their heads. Tension Head music is hard rock and high octane metal. It is high octane and energetic. It is music to release by. Our main objective is to reach a wider audience. I wanted to get both genres in the song. We have ten lifetimes of music but it doesn't matter if you don't know anybody and it never gets played. Can't Please Everybody is DJ friendly. Hard core fans know this song as a re-write of Never Enough. The sound is great. We recorded at Chuck Alkazian's Pearl Sound Studios in Canton Michigan. He also produced 50 Cent, the Dave Mathews Band,Ted Nugent and others. It was mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk in New York.”
In a recent interview with Review Alkazian weighed in on Can'tPlease Everybody;
“I really dig the single. It was something we kind of just knocked out from the gut. The band had a good grasp on the different parts of the song; we just put all the pieces of the puzzle together.”
“I have always felt all commercial music was hook and melody oriented. For Tension Head we put a variety of stylistic shells over those few things to create different energies and sound that we naturally gravitate towards. There's always going to be the person who wants to hear louder guitar, louder drums etc but at the end of the day most people are singing the song! I think it will do really well. I really dug the energy and heaviness of the direction. I hope they will continue to develop their live energy on record.
I would tell any band trying to make a mark in the scene that you need to write great songs that people can relate to and be passionate about representing them to the world. If you write a great song, they will come a knockin', just ask the Beatles!”
Can't Please Everybody is available through Bullfrog Records and at Tension Head gigs. You can check them out at The Hamilton Street Pub on March 16th. Get ready to Rock Hard!


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