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Drew Brady,  Chris Crawford,  Brian & Kevin Rowell are SixGunn El Dorado. SixGunn El Dorado has been around for about two or three years now. SixGunn El Dorado's powerful drums, blues slide licks and riffs that get stuck in your head, bass lines that drive and rumble with Drew's soulful yet sorrow-filled voice, come together to create some of the best Southern rock you may hear from some Northern boys- I reckon. The first time I heard SixGunn El Dorado was at Max Fest at Whites Bar last year. We did two interviews. One was for Whites Bar, and for SixGunn El Dorado's personal Facebook page. Not only was the band very down to Earth, but one of the funniest bands I worked with that day. Making jokes and having a blast during both interviews. I couldn't wait to do this interview with them. 

 Like many bands, SixGunn is made up of members who have worked together on past projects. SixGunn grooves as you can hear from their last self-titled EP SixGunn El Dorado "You'd have to be dead to not jam to this band"- said this reporter, after hearing Steam Train Blues for the first time back at Marx Fest. SixGunn El Dorado's music is modern but old school, it keeps that southern rock traditional sound alive, comparable to The Black Crowes.

SixGunn El Dorado not only sounds good but these guys have skills, this band makes it look so easy to create this brand of music. Just come out to a show see for yourself listen to them play and meet the band. A huge part of why SixGunn El Dorado that makes them so good is the band's chemistry between each member. This band loves making music and hang out with each other. From Drew's singing to how hard Kevin hits his cymbals. Hang out with this band puts a smile on your face, listening to SixGunn's music can do the same. You can hear how happy they are doing what they love. Talent + Chemistry = awesome music/SixGunn El Dorado. 

As for proof, Kevin Rowell is a good friend to the show and has been on many times even just hang out even for no reason. Why? That's the band's attitude, fun-loving and relaxed.  These guys just want to have fun with their music and it shows. They all work normal jobs to pay the bills and do what they have to. But get them in a room together it becomes laugh fest, give them their instruments and let Drew do his thing on the mic. They come to life. Brian who as one member put it. "You're always sick, or getting over something." didn't actually feel good that day, but once Brian got his bass guitar in his hands he came to life and could have played till my batteries died. If I could, I would have let them, even playing covers they've been working on. You can catch them playing the Tri-City area as often as they can make it happen. So when you can check out SixGunn EL Dorado's links to keep up with this great band. 

DO yourselves a favor and check Six Gunn El Dorado. 

Six Gunn El Dorado is: 

Chris Crawford - Guitar,
Drew Brady - Vocals,
Brian Rowell - Bass,
Kevin Rowell - Drums

Six Gunn El Dorado Link:

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Twitter: , @sixgunneldorado



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