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24th February, 2011     1

FoCell – Better Late Than Never

FoCell is a young buck with an old soul. Brewing with potential to be one of Saginaw's greats, FoCell released a mixtape "Thought Provoken" and dropped countless singles throughout the past year. He is a versatile MC that can write a lyrical or conscious track, then turn around and make a banger without flinching. His latest album “Better Late Than Never”, with it’s striking cover art by DJ DC, shows the growth of a maturing MC who produces stronger material with every release

D.A. – Heart of the City

D.A. is the leader of a crew called BBG (Black Boy Gang). Comparable to a young Hova, Darrel Anderson speaks from the streets with the eloquence and prose of a seasoned vet. Heart of the City is the kind of mixtape you play in the ride to get geeked up for the night. Standout tracks include John Wall, I’m Shinin, and Hardest in the City. Look for BBG Mondays where the crew’s DJ, IXclusive, releases new material from D.A. and the rest of the gang for free on his blog and social networking pages.

Megan Seard – Its My Time

The beautiful Megan Seard has the voice of an angel with a hip hop flavor that is sorely missing from the local and national scene. She can get on a track with an MC and make the song better or go solo and make the listener fall in love. Its My Time is a nice blend of hip hop collabs with local artists and solo R&B tracks. Make sure to catch Meg live in the area before you have to stand outside of the Fox Theatre to gain admission.

K-Dot – Saghanistan

Saginaw Hip Hop veteran and Gas House Gorilla K-Dot releases another instant classic with his album Saghanistan. His style has remnants of the old school Saginaw sound yet has a relevance that few from his era have been able to execute.  The local anthem and title track Saghanistan is a dark description of a city that many consider a warzone. The album features production from Poindexter, Capital-C, Marr, and Rhugali. Fans of street raps and lyrics will appreciate the style K-Dot blends together effortlessly.


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