Saginaw Sting football team on a Roll

Sting defeat Buffalo 79-37

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    icon May 11, 2015
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The Saginaw Sting indoor league football team is on a roll.   They now have won their fourth straight game with a large 79-37 victory over the Buffalo Lightning.   They will now go to Buffalo this Saturday to face the Lightning again.   Then on to Atlanta for the final road game of the season.   If the Sting can win out they would host a first round playoff game at the Dow Event Center.   The Sting are currently 4-2 after dropping their first two games of the season under then Head Coach Greg Wasmer.  

The first half of action was back and forth with Buffalo actually leading most of the first half.   The halftime score was 36-31 with the Sting leading.   Buffalo wide receiver Derrick Bloomfield lit up the Sting secondary in the first half with 4 touchdown receptions in front of a good size crowd at the Dow Event Center on Saturday night.   The Sting scored on the first play of the game with a 40 yard touchdown pass from A.J. McKenna to Daryl Gooden to give the Sting a 7-0 lead. 

On the second half kick off the Sting kicked it through the uprights which in indoor football gives the kicking team one point.   Buffalo would march down the field to score a touchdown and miss the extra point try to knot the game at 37-37.   It was all Saginaw Sting after that with the Sting scoring 42 unanswered points for the final 79-37 win.   The Sting would end up with 6 interceptions in the 2nd half after the poor showing in the 1st half.  It seems that the Sting have turned the corner now and will have to win the last two games to qualify for the Indoor Football League playoffs in 2015.  This a short season compared to the previous seasons of indoor football with a 10 game schedule.   However we will see if the Sting can get into the playoffs and return to the Dow for at least one game this season.  


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