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17th March, 2016     0

This EP shines the light on Piazza’s growth as a lyricist and singer. Third Coast was produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Reed. All of the songs were written by Piazza except for Dyan’s chestnut Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat.

The disc opens with Never had a Lot of Money (but we got by). It’s an up-tempo shuffle with a great Don Rich country guitar, heavy on the bass string.  Sample lyrics include:  You left the light on for when I come home / You waited for me, I never felt alone / Oh, I never felt alone / Never had a lot of money, but we got high / Now we got older and we live in different towns.  The main guitar riff rings out hopelessness and heartbreak. Regret informs the message and no one is better off.

Lilliana breaks out with a perfect tango beat and seductive harmonies, both layered and bold. Piazza croons about daddy lips and mommy’s toes, a loving ode to his baby daughter. He sings with a nod and a wink. Piazza is finding out that child is father to the man, as it always was and would be ... sweet!

Piazza’s voice has matured to an expressive and knowing mid-level tenor. Reed’s keyboard hijinks wash over the musical landscape like a perfect sunrise. Lyrics include: Few years passed by / Moved down south to escape it all.



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