Matthew Waynee: PSA the Series: A Mocumentary

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Take one Hollywood Producer from a famous acting family.  Add a sprinkle-sprinkle of the hottest music video Director in the stratosphere.  Spice that up with an International Film/Fashion/Pop Star.  Sweeten the brew with the nicest, animal-loving girl from Minnesota.  Simmer all of that under the watchful (and awkwardly spastic) eye of a Grade-C Safety Technician, and you've got the makings of one hilarious comedy series.

PSA: the Series follows the quirky struggles of five individuals trying to film a series of Public Service Announcements on a shoestring budget.  Believing they have $8 million to complete the safety commercials, the cast and crew quickly learn that the budget is only a couple thousand.  But the bumbling band of Safety Crusaders push forward, trying their best to protect the world from its first batch of overlooked domestic dangers:  biplane mishaps and glue gun catastrophes.

Such is the premise behind Matthew Waynee's (below) newest project. Originally from Bay City, Waynee earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame and thenreceived a Master's in screenwriting from the University of Southern California.

Waynee's first screenplay, UNKNOWN, hit theaters nationwide in November 2006.  The psychological thriller had an all-star cast and was released by the Weinstein Company and IFC Films. In addition to writing, Waynee also has extensive experience directing actors and making films, including over a dozen short films and music videos, including a video for Warner Brothers.

His idea for PSA: the Series came while watching old educational videos.  "They were ridiculous and absurd, and inspired the idea of a bunch of bumbling filmmakers trying to make modern day safety videos.  I spent a couple months assembling the cast and crew and rehearsing before we shot the first two episodes. The entire series will run at least 8 episodes."

"The most challenging aspect of shooting PSA: the Series was coordinating such a large cast and crew into the 2-day shoot.  But overall, with such hilarious actors and a professional crew our days ran pretty smoothly."

With a $2000 shooting budget and a cast & crew of nearly 30 people, PSA was shot in L.A. and edited out of New York City. On top of that he had an animation crew design all the visual effects.

When asked what he feels most distinguishes this project, Waynee quickly points to the amazing cast of improv actors he was able to assemble. "Living in Los Angeles, you have access to actors who have extensive experience in film and television.  I was excited to get such comical veterans as Marquis Alexander, Jeffrey Cannata, Jordon Krain, Margi Simmons, and David Villar.  They brought their quirky characters to life with so many funny moments.  This series is purely a light-hearted mix of slapstick humor and raunchy jokes.  If we can get the audience to laugh, our goal has been accomplished."

Hell's Half Mile will be hosting the exclusive premiere of PSA: the Series, the first time it will be screened anywhere in public. Additionally, Waynee will be conducting two film workshops at the Festival for people who want to improve their screenwriting and skills and for anyone looking to improve their camera skills.

Waynee teaches a 12-week screenwriting seminar in Los Angeles that usually costs over $600; but participants at HHM get an excellent opportunity to take the abbreviated workshop for $40 for one workshop, or both for $60.

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