Marty Viers & the Music Doctors Channel Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, and Elvis for \'A Night of the Stars\'

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22nd March, 2007     0

Imagine walking into a local establishment and seeing music legends like Johnny Cash , Neil Diamond or even Elvis himself performing in front of your very eyes. That's what the State Theater is bringing to Bay City on Friday March 30th, 2007 with A Night of the Stars, a tribute featuring the impersonation talents of Roger Walker (Johnny Cash), David James (Neil Diamond), and Danny Van (Elvis Presley). Providing musical backup is the well known Mid-Michigan band Marty Viers and The Music Doctors.

A Night of the Stars is being performed at the State Theater, located on Washington Avenue in Bay City, which has enriched the arts & cultural opportunities of people in the Tri-Counties and the surrounding communities since 1908.  The State Theatre was first known as the Bijou and was one of many vaudeville and burlesque houses later renovated by architect C. Howard Crane in 1930 to resemble a Mayan Temple. The State remains today a magnificent example of art deco with intimate character and seating on the main floor and balcony.

Marty Viers and the Music Doctors have been working with Roger Walker (Johnny Cash), David James (Neil Diamond), and Danny Van (Elvis Presley) on an individual basis for many years and the idea of A Night of the Stars has been bouncing between them for some time. To bring back musical impersonators such as those who performed at Daniels Den on State Street in Saginaw is the goal behind this project. This tribute show is an opportunity to bring back the entertainment of a past era that all generations can share.

For many years Marty Viers has been one of Mid-Michigan's most versatile musicians. His experience in all types of music ranging from country to reggae makes him one the most flexible and in demand musicians in Michigan. This group has a style all their own, "Rockabbean" as they call it, and is influenced by a combination of Rock, Caribbean and Latin rhythms. At the present time the group has one of the strongest lineups in its history. You can check the band out at

When asked about the inspiration behind this project Marty Viers replied, "People will be surprised on how much everyone has matured at their craft over the years and the hard work they have put into their performance. Each performer wants to gives his best on A Night of the Stars so that fans of this era of music will have a lot to choose from." He also noted how excited and hard working everyone on this project has been.    

Everyone involved in this unique musical 'reunion' is anticipating that the show at the State Theater will go well enough to keep it going at least once a year in the future.

"Hopefully bringing this kind of entertainment back to the Tri-Cities will help bridge the gap between generations and let the public take a minute to remember some of the great influences that shaped modern music," adds Viers.

If the performance is well received they might even take the show other places like Detroit, but one certainty is that those involved want to create a performance tradition of that era in Mid-Michigan.

Most importantly A Night of the Stars will provide a piece of history that many younger generations would never otherwise get to experience. This tribute show is an opportunity to bring back the entertainment of a past era that all generations can share.

Tickets may be purchased by calling the State Theater box office at 892-2660 or online at
You may also call Tammy Viers with any questions at 989-798-1572.


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