Letters to The Editor: Farewell, for Now, S.A.M.

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21st August, 2014     0

Editor, the Review;
I moved to Saginaw last summer. Stacey Gannon, Executive Director of the Saginaw Art Museum found me along with my work in Traverse City. Our mutual artistic spirit and creative intentions were an instant bond. She shared with me her love of community and the renaissance she was helping shepherd at the museum.
‘Take Part in the Art’ is their mantra and the perfect match for a sculpture I envisioned several years ago – a re-purposed flagpole that was to display a flag created by local school kids on a revolving basis. Hence the title, ‘Balance – A Work in Progress’ (perhaps a good slogan for any town). The piece was eventually approved by the Museum Board and now stands as a pivotal marker in front of the Saginaw Art Museum. The museum will complete their amazing restoration that glorifies history and embraces the future, so I urge you all to be proud and use it!
On a personal note, Saginaw, you’re a good town that like most of the country has required major retooling in order to survive. However, your roots are strong and the vision is healthy. At this juncture my work here is done. I’m grateful to have left a tiny footprint. Rave on....
Thanks for everything,
Scott R. Lurain
Michigan Artist
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