Interview with WWE Wrestling Star Dolph Ziggler

WWE Live Summer Slam Heatwave Set to Light up the Dow June 19th

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 At 7:30 PM on Friday, June 19th, Saginaw will see the best that the Wrestling World has to offer. Coming to town is the circuit’s main man, John Cena.  He is presently the sport’s biggest attraction. John is the current U.S. Champion and he will take on the NXT Champion Kevin Owens. 

Cena at 38 has a net worth of $35 million.  It’s good to be the Wrestling Man.  He has been in 12 movies, on T.V. 7 times, & in a dozen Video games.  John has the highest number of combined days as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His career is off the charts: 23 Championships, 12 Time World Champ, 3 Time World Heavyweight Champ, 4-Time U.S. Champion, 4-Time Tag Team Champion, 2012 Money in the Bank Ladder winner, Two-Time Royal Rumble Winner, and  3-Time Superstar of the Year. 

John lives in Tampa, Florida and was married to Liz Huberdeau for 4 years, but now dates hottie Nikki Bella. Cena graduated from Springfield College where he wrestled and played football.

Dolph Ziggler (35 Years old) is on the card to wrestle King Barrett. His record is also outstanding: Two-Time World Heavyweight Champion, 4-Time WWE Intercontinental Champ, U.S. Champion, and “Rolling Stone” magazine’s 2014 WWE Wrestler of the Year.

He was born in Cleveland and went to Kent State where he majored in political science with a pre-law minor. He won three Amateur Wrestling titles there (121 Career Wins). The man gets around, having dated comedian Amy Schumer and Nikki Bella. Dolph is Hungarian and is fluent in American Sign Language.

The following is an Interview done by Review’s Nicole Tesch:      

N:            Thank you for taking this interview.

D:            Yeah, you got it

N:            You’re scheduled to face King Barrett on June 19th in Saginaw.  Can you give us a preview of what fans should expect from your match?

D:            Ok, well I’m flexing over the phone.  I don’t think you can see me, but that’s part of it.  But besides that the brand new “King of the Ring” King Barrett will be going one on one with myself and normally any type of match with him and myself is one that will steal the show anyways, but it’s kind of a personal issue.  We’ve been battling back and forth for the last couple months off and on.  We were in the elimination chamber together.  We were in the King of the Ring tournament together and go toe to toe all the time.  We’ve even traded Intercontinental title matches together.  So, the two of us, when we step foot in the ring, it’s worth the price of admission on its own because we beat the livin’ hell out of each other.

N:            I’ve seen you two wrestle on television.  My son’s a huge fan.  We watch it quite a bit.  They’re great matches.  What do you do to prepare yourself before a match?

D:            It depends. A lot of times superstars will wear those big headphones and they listen to music.  I usually stick in a corner somewhere and get a game plan for what I’m going to do. I focus about an hour before, sit down and think about all the good things I could do, all the things I know should be done, and if something were to go wrong in my game plan out there, what I need to switch and take over in a different way.  I’ve been a student of the game for over ten years now.  I study my opponents.  I always have some type of counter, some way to come out on top.  I pride myself on my work, my homework and my end ring work.

N:             That’s awesome.  How often do you have to wrestle in a week?

D:            WWE does over 300 live events every year.  There is no off-season.  I’m usually home anywhere from 32 to 36 hours a week and that is it.  The last couple of weeks I’ve been on the road.  I just got back from Singapore promoting a WWE tour that will be going to Tokyo and Singapore.  Because I love what I do I don’t mind not being at home.  Every time I step foot in the ring or do a promotion, it’s to get the word out about WWE, to spread the word, to get more people in the building  and get them talking about this great product.  In this world of very easy access to the Internet, you can go and actually have some family-friendly entertainment.  You can bring the family.  You can bring grandpa, and not break the bank.  You’re just gonna have a great time.

N:            Do you ever have to wrestle back-to-back nights?  Do you get days off?

D:            You usually do five nights in a row of matches.  Sometimes on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown there might be two or three times you may have to wrestle.  Usually on Wednesdays I’m traveling back home, so I get half of Wednesday and Thursday off.  That’s it.

N:            You’ve won numerous championships.  What was your favorite championship match?

D:            I’ve got a lot of favorite championship matches.  One off the top of my head was against Edge at the Royal Rumble a few years ago because he was a mentor of mine.  He was someone I traveled with a few years earlier.  He helped show me how to be so good in the ring.  It was great having been able to go toe to toe against someone I respected and grew up watching, and then having to go up against him in the World Heavyweight Championship.  It was a 25-minute match.  In the last 15 minutes everyone was on their feet taking it to the ending.  That’s what it’s all about, telling an awesome story.  Having them believe that whether you win that championship or not, it could happen.

N:            Your signature move is the Zig-Zag.  How did you come up with that?

D:            I’ve played just about every sport there is my entire life.  At five years old I was wrestling, playing t-ball, and touch football.  I’m very athletic and figured if I could jump really high, grab someone, and bring them down to the mat that would help me to put them down, at least temporarily. So I try to use my athletics every chance I get.  Something like that, where I can jump high and get an opponent pulled to the mat, the impact can at least put them down for three seconds.

N:            What was it liked to be named “WWE Wrestler of the Year” in 2014 by “Rolling Stone” magazine?

D:            It was pretty cool and goes to show that fans don’t need you to be in the main event of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  It’s awesome.  It was a dream of mine.  It’s great when you’re not champion and your work, your work ethic, and everything you do to be the best gets acknowledged every once in a while thru the fans, fan reaction, coming to the shows, and buying your t-shirt.  For a publication to say someone who wasn’t anywhere near the main event is the best wrestler of the year – I’ll take it.  It attests to the hard work needed for this job.

N:            I love music.  It was great to see you on the cover.

D:            What music do you listen to?

N:            I love the Dave Matthews band.

D:            Aww, are you in college?

N:            No, actually I’m 45.  This year will be my 16th performance I’ve seen.   What’s your favorite group?

D:            I’ve got a couple.  I’m a big Motley Crue fan.  I like the 80’s and 90’s hair bands.  If the Dave Matthews band and Motley Crue had to fight, who’d you think would win?

N:            Probably Motley Crue.

D:            (ha ha) I appreciate your honesty.

N:            Who is the one person you respect the most in and out of the ring?

D:            I’m a big fan of Shawn Michaels.  I think he’s done everything there is to do in this business.  He’s stolen the shows. He’s been Mr. WrestleMania.  He’s also stood up for what he believes in behind the scenes.  He’s gone to bat for things he thought made sense.  He’s tried to make the business and his match better.  I have to appreciate that because I feel that every day I’m in an uphill battle, fighting for what is right for the business and my co-workers.

N:            Who was your biggest influence when you were growing up?

D:            As a very small child, about 5-8 years old, I would say Hulk Hogan.  I had his weight set at home.  I started working out at five years old.  I was a big fan of his and the Ultimate Warrior.  After that I started studying the business of WWE.  Then it was Mr. Perfect, Shawn Michaels, Rick Flair, and High Screw Peters.

N:            You have a movie coming out this year.  Did you enjoy the process of making the movie?

D:            Well, I didn’t do any of the editing or wear the headphones behind the scenes.  It was just a cameo in a movie made by a friend who’s a hardworking young man who puts everything into his work.  I respect him and like to think that I’m the same way.  I’m very proud of it.

N:            Is there a part you dreaded or didn’t enjoy doing during it?

D:            Well, movies are easy.  You sit around in a trailer for 10 hours and then go work for five minutes.  With WWE you’re traveling all day long, figuring out your game plan, you’re in the ring rolling around and getting the hell beat outta you, and just hope to come out on top.  It’s a different form of entertainment.  Both are fun for me, but the movie was easier.

N:            You’re involved in different charitable organizations like Special Olympics and Make-A-Wish.  What’s your favorite part about participating in these great causes?

D:            Being somewhat of a celebrity, I’m fortunate to be able to have cool things like being in a video game, people buy my t-shirts and action figures, and watching me on TV, but the really rewarding part besides doing my job and doing it well is getting a chance to give back.  If people know you, you can make their day by just stopping and saying “hi.”  That will never ever get old with me far after I’m done bouncing around in the ring.  I just came back from Singapore and got to meet up with some Special Olympians who are getting ready for a huge tournament.  Not only are they great in what they do, they work very hard.  I played a little badminton with them.  I was working very hard and they were smokin’ me.  They were so focused.  It was great giving back by taking pictures with them between their practices and workouts.  I was happy to be there.  It’s a win-win.  I get to give back and also get to see these awesome athletes do what they do.

N:            If you weren’t a wrestler, what would you like to be doing for a career?

D:            It would depend.  On the side, I’m a bit of a standup comic.  I’ve just loaded up a couple of dates over the next couple months and do some tours when I get a day off which is very rare.  I graduated from Kent State with a Political Science degree and a Pre-law minor and my plan was to go to wrestling school and law school at the same time, which never would’ve worked out because you have to devote your entire lifestyle to one of them.  You can’t do both at the same time.  I was very interested in law and could still go back if I decided to.  If not a lawyer, I could also get into politics…maybe be Governor or Senator for Ohio.  Right now I’m focused on WWE. 

N:            No, not Ohio!

D:            I know.  I can’t believe I’m even on the phone with you right now (ha-ha).

N:            You’ve wrestled in singles competition and part of tag teams.  Which do you prefer?

D:            I gotta go with singles.  Like I said, I do a lot of homework on my opponents and I like being able to control the match.  I live for that moment.  I like to have the spotlight.  My hard work hasn’t been in teams, it’s been by myself.  I’m going to be the best and need to focus on myself right now.

N:            Who do you think you worked best with in tag-team?

D:            The Spirit Squad because there were five of us and we cheated all the time

N:            What is your favorite pastime when you’re not in the ring?

D:            If it’s not in the ring, it’s getting up on stage and doing 3 or 4 minutes of stand-up comedy open mic.  Thursday I’ll be doing an improve show with my brother in Los Angeles.  I like writing and performing comedy.  My job now is to be a better WWE star.

N:            I read you enjoy reading.  What’s your favorite book and author?

D:            I never know how to say his name right and have to Google it.  It’s Chuck Palahniuk.  I can never put his stuff down – it’s the grossest most awesome material.  Sometimes he does live group readings and people faint from being squeamish.  How awesome is that?  Who do you like?

N:            I like many.  Probably James Patterson.

D:            Ahh, I’m always in an airport and see his books.  If I’m in a pinch I’ll always pick up one of his.






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