February 11th Performance of Shakespearean Dreams Presents a Collaborative Landmark

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26th January, 2012     0

Classical Composer Felix Mendelssohn wrote A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture & Incidental Music as an underscore that back in the 19th Century was essentially a 'soundtrack' of that time, serving as connective music for the flourishing fantasy of Shakespeare's legendary play of the same name.
The Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra places a contemporary twist on this timeless music by bringing both The Saginaw Choral Society and Pit & Balcony Theatre together for a collaborative production of Shakespearean Dreams on Saturday, February 11th at Saginaw's historic Temple Theatre.
“It's some of the greatest music he ever wrote,” notes SBSO Conductor Brett Mitchell. “Having Pit & Balcony actors on stage with us while the Orchestra plays the score will be like a live orchestra set to a movie; and with the Saginaw Choral Society also involved, I couldn't be more excited.”
Tickets can be purchased by phone with VISA or Mastercard at The Temple Theatre by phoning 989-754-7469 from 8 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday.


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