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20th December, 2016     0

E.Z. Duhzit and The Soul Jar is a local Michigan under-underground band. The best way to describe the band is a little bit of old school art/rock style attitude, mixed with modern rock music sound. Influenced by bands like Coheed and Cambria, David Bowie, Foo Fighters and, Iggy Pop. 

The band is working currently their first full-length album right now, but you can grab the three song demo at shows, or check it out in the link down below. The band themselves are very down to earth, and very fun to watch live, as well as to hang out with off stage. E.Z. Duhzit and The Soul Jar is the best new band to come out of the local music scene in five or six years. Check this band out as soon as you can get a chance! 

Reverbnation Link: https://www.reverbnation.com/ezduhzitandthesouljar
Track list; Web of Deceit, The Reflecting Silence, and The Octopus

Follow the on Facebook to see where you can see them live next: https://www.facebook.com/Ezduhzit/

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