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“If we are to hold our elected officials accountable on their policy stance(s), we have to know what they are,” said Nicholas Valentino, a political science and research professor in the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan. “One of the key indicators of democratic backsliding is our restriction of information to the free press and an unwillingness to speak to the press,” he added.

REVIEW Magazine strives to bring voters meaningful unfiltered information from candidates so that democracy can function as intended. REVIEW readers are savvy political consumers who appreciate hearing from candidates on issues that matter. Too often those important issues are under-reported, or the candidate with a bigger campaign war chest drowns out the voice of a grassroots candidate of modest means. Therefore, REVIEW makes every attempt to give candidates a forum in which they can answer straight questions uninterrupted on a level playing field.

REVIEW appreciates the thoughtful answers of candidates who took the time to answer our interview questions. This political season we focused on the open Saginaw County Circuit Court Judicial race, the 8th U.S. Congressional race, and the 35th District State Senate contest that impacts much of the Saginaw, Bay, and Midland Great Lakes Bay Region.

State Senate candidate Annette Glenn and Congressional candidate Paul Junge also responded. Two candidates failed to respond after questions were sent out giving candidates over a week to provide answers, with repeated reminders to them of our press deadline. 

Readers may wish to consider whether they should care to vote for a candidate who does not care to engage with the public on the issues. Some candidates don’t know what to say and so they say nothing for fear of being thought a fool, and other candidates don’t think it matters what the news says about them because they are entrenched incumbents and can’t be beat. Some people just can’t be bothered. 

These questions are part of a public job interview, and voters (who are boss) may not be comfortable hiring someone who won’t show up for their job interview. Senate candidate Kristen McDonald and Congressman Kildee failed to engage in these interviews, and the silence of their failure to speak up for themselves speaks volumes about their responsiveness as elected officials and of their hubris as individuals.

8th Congressional Race • Paul Junge (R) vs. Dan Kildee (D)

REVIEW:  Please give us your background and how you will be an effective leader?

Junge:   Michigan is a tremendous place with good, hardworking people. Unfortunately, too many politicians love to keep power, money, and control in Washington DC rather than empowering families, small businesses and local communities.

I look forward to using my experience in our family business, as a criminal prosecutor, and at Homeland Security to help hardworking taxpayers, improve our economy, and protect law-abiding citizens. Though times are tough, I believe better days are ahead, especially if we follow the proven policies and principles of expanding freedom, encouraging personal responsibility, and empowering citizens while limiting the reach of Washington DC politicians and bureaucrats.

REVIEW: Are taxes too high or too low? 

Junge: Taxes are too high. Federal government spending is out-of-control and the worst aspects are politicians using COVID or another crisis as a cover to waste money on special interest projects. For example, COVID relief checks were sent to illegal immigrants and money was handed out to build luxury golf courses. Instead, we need to restore fiscal responsibility and lower tax rates to help hardworking taxpayers, small businesses, and improve our economy.

REVIEW:  Do you support Gov. Whitmer's efforts to shut down Line 5 energy pipeline running under the straits of Mackinac?  

Junge: We need affordable, reliable energy. Shutting down Line 5 will drive up costs and hurt our environment as even more trucks will be on the road. I will push for more American energy exploration, cost-effective renewables, and safe pipelines for efficient distribution.

REVIEW: Do you believe public schools should allow biological males to compete in girls' sports and use girls' showers and locker rooms?

Junge:  No. This politically correct nonsense is occurring because liberals trying to impose their radical ideology instead of providing a quality education. Students should be taught reading, math, science, financial literacy, and offered skilled trades training. Parents need to be involved and good teachers and schools must be encouraged. Education is truly vital to the future of our state and country.

REVIEW: Do you support the Biden Administration's open borders policy?

Junge: No.  We need to secure the border, stop providing incentives for people to illegally come into our country, and ensure a clear, legal process is available for people who want to become Americans. These open borders threaten our safety with an increase in crime and drugs.

REVIEW: Do you support the federal legalization of marijuana for adult use?

Junge: The voters of Michigan supported legal use for adults. My preference is for each state to decide the policy that is best for them.

REVIEW: Do you support term limits for members of congress and the SCOTUS? Explain.

Junge: I support term limits for Members of Congress because our country will be better off with citizen legislators rather than career politicians.

REVIEW: Are you acquainted with and do you consider your opponent to be a fair minded person and qualified to serve in Congress, even though you are from different political parties?.

Junge: Rather than give the political answer, I’ll be blunt. My opponent’s campaign has consisted of personal attacks rather than a discussion of issues like the high cost of goods, gas prices, the economy, or securing the border. That’s certainly his choice and the people will decide if they want smears or solutions.

He’s qualified by being at least 25 years of age and he’s certainly welcome to support the Biden Agenda 100% of the time. I look forward to working with Members of Congress from both parties to help families being hit hard by the high cost of goods, restore fiscal responsibility, strengthen our economy, make health care more affordable, and address a host of other challenges to help our families and community.


Michigan Senate Race • 35th District • Annette Glenn (R) vs. Kristen Rivet (D)

REVIEW: Tell us your background and why you are running for office?

Glenn: I’ve been honored for almost four years to represent hardworking families in Bay and Midland counties as state representative, and I’ll represent Saginaw County families with equal commitment in the state Senate. I’ve worked hard all my life. I started working in my Dad’s office at age 8, worked myself through school cleaning hotel rooms and assistant-managing a theater, and worked hard enough in high schools to be a state champion in the mile relay. Now, working hard for hardworking families is something I’m known for in Lansing and here at home.

During COVID, for example, I helped over 800 constituents get their unemployment checks. As Senator, I’ll continue working hard to improve our economy, curb inflation, and restore America’s energy independence to lower energy prices and help hardworking families, seniors, and small business owners.

I’ve voted for record K-12 funding and auto insurance reform that saved drivers hundreds per vehicle.

I’m honored to be endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Police Officers Association of Michigan, Associated Builders and Contractors, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Association, Farm Bureau, and Michigan Manufacturers, Retailers, and County Road Commissioners who know my commitment to repairing our infrastructure.

My proven public record of working hard for hardworking families is something you can be sure I’ll continue in the state Senate. I ask for your vote either by absentee ballot or on November 8th.

For more information, visit

REVIEW: Are taxes too low, too high, or just about right?

Glenn: With a $7 billion state budget surplus, taxes are obviously too high, and meaningful tax relief has never been more needed than right now, when hardworking families are facing the highest inflation – gas, groceries, and home-heating costs – in 40 years.  That’s why I voted to reduce the state income tax, suspend the state gas tax for six months, and introduced legislation to eliminate the automatic annual gas tax increase that started this year under a tax hike scheme that passed seven years ago.

I’ve also voted to triple the Earned Income Tax Credit and to exempt up to $40,000 of retirement income from any state income tax at all. I support repealing the unfair Pension Tax and eliminating taxes on retirement income altogether. I’ve spoken with so many in our community who are living on a fixed income, and the rising prices are becoming too much. It’s long past time to provide real tax relief, and help families better deal with rising prices.

Please compare my voting record with my opponent Kristen Rivet’s record as a Bay City Commissioner, where during COVID, she not only voted to increase fees and utility bills on city residents but also voted to give herself a pay raise at taxpayers’ expense. At the end of the day we should be letting families keep more of their own money, not raising taxes and leaving them with less.

REVIEW: Do you support Gov. Whitmer's efforts to shut down Line 5 energy pipeline running under the straits of Mackinac?

Glenn: I firmly oppose Gov. Whitmer’s efforts to shut down Line 5, which would – at a time of already record-high inflation -- drive up the cost of heating our homes even more and eliminate hundreds of current and future good-paying, blue-collar jobs. I support the environmentally sound plan – supported by mid-Michigan labor unions – to build an underground tunnel that would permanently encase Line 5, further protecting our Great Lakes against any risk of pollution.

As WSGW Radio reported when I received the 2021 Legislative Appreciation Award from the Michigan Ground Water Association, "Glenn has consistently fought for clean water initiatives throughout her legislative career.”

While my opponent has yet to state her position on this important issue for families, you will always know where I stand when it comes to both protecting our environment and helping create high-paying jobs and lowering energy costs for families.

REVIEW: In 2020 the Sanford dam broke, drained the lake, and flooded Midland County. What went wrong and what was the government's role in both the problem and ongoing solution?

Glenn: It was the privilege of a lifetime – even in the midst of a crisis -- to stand arm-in-arm with citizens of Midland and Sanford as we suffered, struggled, prayed, hugged, and worked together to recover from the catastrophic dam failures. Over two years later, making all our mid-Michigan communities fully whole still isn’t complete, a major reason I’m running for the State Senate: to finish the job.

I led demands for a fully independent third-party investigation into causes of the dam failure, winning bipartisan support. But one thing is clear: when the dam operator lowered water levels specifically to relieve pressure on the dams, he was sued by state Attorney General Dana Nessel, who cared more about mollusks and snails than she did the safety of the people of Midland and Sanford.  

As the Midland Daily News reported: “Less than a month before rainfall caused several dams along the Tittabawassee River to fail, Michigan's attorney general sued the dam owner for ‘unauthorized’ lowering waters in Wixom Lake…resulting in the death of ‘thousands if not millions’ of federally-endangered freshwater mussels.”

Our focus in the days after the collapse was on helping the people who lived in the 10,000 homes evacuated as the flood waters rose, miraculously – due to the heroic efforts of our first responders – without a single loss of life. That’s yet another reason I’m proud to be endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

In the months that followed, I worked across the aisle to secure $256 million in state funding for Midland County for flood recovery and dam reconstruction. I personally hand-delivered a letter to Vice President Mike Pence asking for a federal disaster declaration, which came.

One Midland flood victim, who I helped dig mud from his basement, wrote me: “If you work as hard in the House as you worked in my house, we’re in good hands.” Working hard for hardworking families like yours is something I’ll continue in the state Senate.  

REVIEW: Do you believe public schools should allow biological males to compete in girls' sports and use girls' showers and locker rooms?

Glenn: I agree with former women’s tennis world champion Martina Navratilova, when she said that allowing biological males to compete in women’s and girls’ sports is "insane and it's cheating.”

States that allow biological males to compete in women’s sports have already seen women lose the chance to advance to state or national meets, meaning they also lost the opportunity for competition and exposure that leads to college scholarship offers.

Forty-one years ago in high school, I was a state champion in the mile relay. As state senator, I’ll champion protecting girls’ sports and protecting women and girls from being forced to compete against biological males and then being forced afterward to share the girls’ locker rooms and showers with anatomically intact men. Both are unfair and violate women’s right to privacy, comfort, and feeling secure.

On the House floor earlier this year, I spoke in favor of language in our state K-12 budget to ensure girls aren’t unfairly forced to compete against boys who believe that they are girls. The state budget was approved – including the language protecting girls sports – by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 65 to 38.

This is an issue of fairness that I know is personally important to so many parents in our community. Strangely, my opponent is endorsed by multiple groups that lobby legislators to enact laws forcing schools to make girls compete and share locker rooms with biological males – groups who only endorse candidates who agree with their radical agenda.

Parents in Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties can be sure that as their state Senator, I will continue to be a leader in protecting fairness, opportunity, and common sense for women’s athletics and women in general.

REVIEW: If you had been a Senator on May 10, 2022, when the Michigan Legislature voted to propose a constitutional amendment now known as Proposal One to weaken term limits on themselves, would you have joined the 2/3 majority of lawmakers in voting yes and increasing their own eligibility to serve in the same office?

Glenn: was a member of the state House when that voted occurred in May 2022, and I was one of only 34 legislators who voted against (1) doubling the number of years a person can serve in the House and (2) increasing by one-third the number of years allowed in the state Senate. The people of Michigan support our state term limits law as is.

If the other part of the proposal came before me separately, to require legislators to disclose their finances to help protect against conflicts of interest, I would vote in favor of it. I have consistently supported efforts to increase transparency in government. I believe that was added to this particular proposal to divert voters’ attention away from the fact that it will dramatically increase the number of years a person could serve in either house of the legislature.

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