Crofton Stoltz & Nash Make Debut at Special Appearance by The Mick Furlo Band October 10th

    icon Sep 24, 2015
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On Saturday, October 10th, a special show will be held at White’s Bar featuring The Mick Furlo Band performing their legendary original material, along with the debut of a new trio of musical veterans – Crofton, Stoltz & Nash (CSN).

According to guitarist Bill Crofton, Jack Nash and I had mutual friends dating back to junior high and Daniels Den in the mid 60's. We were never in the same band, but knew each other, had mutual respect and a friendly relationship. As our careers blossomed and we both raised our families we would see each other at civic functions and events, our conversation would always gravitate to music. We both had cruised in and out of the music scene at 5 and 10 year intervals as family and business obligations would allow.”

“Around the Fall of 2003 I called Jack and said we were putting together a combo to do some fundraisers and I just was not going to take no for an answer. We were fortunate to have two other very talented people in the mix -  Donna Taylor and Tom Dolson - who are real pros. They elevated us to where that band took upon a life of its own until I had to take a hiatus in 2008.”

During this period bassist Jack Nash went on to tour and record with the Mysterians and Robert Lee Revue, until he phoned Crofton 3 months ago to say it was “time for another tour”. Crofton enlisted drummer Steve Stoltz from Frankenmuth. “I had played with Steve back in the late 80's during one of my brief forays into the music scene,” explains Crofton. “Steve has been playing professionally for over 30 years and has a lot of history as a local rocker. We are very fortunate to have all our lives intersect at this time and the chemistry is infectious.”

Concludes Crofton: “This October 10th event is a coming out party for the Crofton, Stoltz and Nash Band and we are proud to be the opening act for Mick Furlo, who is doing a  coming out party of his own with all original material. This is an event that is basically the story of old friends and new beginnings.”

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    Mike Collver

    Enjoyed every minute of the show! Rock on!