CHIROTHIN: Tri City Chiropractic’s Innovative Weight Loss Program Ushers in the New Year With Proven Results & Healthier Lifestyles

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17th December, 2015     0

According to recent data collected by the Surgeon General’s office approximately 1/3 of Michigan’s residents are overweight, with many people attempting to address the issue through a myriad of weight-loss plans that often offer only mixed results.  But a significant exception to this rule is the revolutionary Chirothin weight-loss program introduced to the Great Lakes Bay region two years ago by Dr. Jeff Kelly and offered exclusively at the offices of Tri-City Chiropractic, which are located at 4266 State St. in Saginaw.

Chirothin is an all natural. Doctor supervised weight loss program that is harvesting impressive results, with patients over the past year losing an average of 23-pounds in six weeks and 90% of patients signing up for the program losing over 20-pounds over the same six-week period. Moreover, unlike most diet plans that make patients feel tired or moody, the Chirothin program makes you feel better while losing the weight, while preventing additional weight gain once the program is over.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to Tri-City Chiropractic’s weight loss services is the fact it is one of the few services available in the region that is medically supervised and uniquely aligned with addressing the problems and pain people experience from the impact of pressure that excessive weight places upon the joints.

“The most important part of our services is the fact they are doctor supervised,” states Kelly. “People try all varieties of approaches on their own to lose weight, but aren’t getting where they need to be. It’s important to increase the body’s metabolism with the right amino acids & vitamins and also teach people how to eat right, so we focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Our program includes no shakes or pre-packaged foods, as many other programs do, because equally important with losing weight is teaching people how to eat real food with lower calories than they might be accustomed.  While its important to cut out a lot of the sugars people ingest, supplementation is the key to increasing the body’s metabolism while improving one’s diet.”

“Our patients average a 23-pound weight loss in six weeks, which is pretty phenomenal,” continues Kelly, “especially considering they are eating real food and learning new behaviors. There’s no secret potion or pill that allows you to take off weight unless you make lifestyle changes along the way, so over the course of that six-week period we work with patients to break bad habits, which is what allows people to keep the weight off.”

Another appealing component of Tri-City Chiropractic’s program is that patients do not need to engage in intensive physical exercise in order to drop the pounds.  “Apart from fashioning the proper diet and increasing the body’s metabolism to drop those pounds, during this transitional period the supplements we give our patients increases their metabolism so they don’t need to also engage with intensive exercise regimens,” explains Kelly. “One of the first things we incorporate into the program when people complete their first six-weeks is exercise, only we do this at the end of the program. I never tell people to stop exercising, but I don’t want them to start a rigorous program at the beginning if they are not accustomed to it.”

“We also give patients a weight tracking journal, so they can monitor their food & calorie intake each day,” notes Kelly, “along with an expansive recipe book that consists of 48-pages of normal good food such as Herb Smoked Chicken, salads, even Filet Mignon. Plus, we’re talking 12-16 oz. portions of food for lunch & dinner, so they’re getting plenty of food, only its good & beneficial food.”

While overall it is better for an individual to eat smaller and more frequent meals over the course of the day as opposed to 3-square meals per day, Kelly says this is not necessarily true when people are trying to lose weight. 

“You need to have those gaps between breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you dip into the fat reserves for energy,” he explains.  “Consequently, on this program when a patient initially starts it, we eliminate breakfast from the daily routine. You often hear this is the most important meal of the day, which it definitely is, and which is why it’s the first meal we add back into the program after the initial stages. But in the morning through the supplements & amino acids we offer, this helps with appetite suppression which is important because the morning hours are also the peak time when the body breaks down fat cells needed for energy more than any other time of the day. If people are eating food in the morning, the body will stop breaking down those fat cells, so it all depends upon what you’re trying to accomplish. This is why we have our patients come in once every week, so we can measure inches, monitor their progress, and hold them accountable. This is also one of the reasons our success rate is so good.”

While many different diet fads have evolved over the years and while it is true if one simply eliminates sugars, pops, and cuts out starches & carbs from their daily diet they will lose more weight, Kelly emphasizes that any diet approach should also be doctor supervised. “People have medical conditions, or may be diabetic, or have heart disease, and if they don’t know what they’re doing, dieting can be dangerous,” he emphasizes. “Our best results have in fact been with diabetic patients because we tailor the program to each individual’s specific needs and condition; because let’s face it, everyone is different.”

Patients get started the day they come in for their initial consultation at Tri-City Chiropractic. The program begins with a 15-minute video that answers most of their questions, and they Kelly or one of his trained medical personnel comes in for a consultation, covering everything a patient needs to do to get started. “Our instruction manual is very thorough,” adds Kelly, “and its actually a very easy plan to follow, which is another positive attribute about our program. We have a liquid supplement you take three times a day with an eye-dropper and then all you need to do is follow the diet that we set, and that’s about it.”

“I’ve looked for years and years to find the proper program to bring into my office,” reflects Kelly, “and have always been a big proponent of diet & exercise, but realized that some people need a catalyst to kick start them into a regimen that will get things going. I looked extensively before bringing this plan onboard, because I wanted people to be able to eat real food and also lose weight quickly, because that way you stay motivated.”

The rate for the Chirothin program is set at $450 for the entire six-week program, which covers all consultations, weekly visits, supplements, menus, and instruction manuals, which is also considerably less expensive that more ‘brand-name’ services like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.  Moreover, at Tri-City Chiropractic, most patients keep the weight off. 

“You can’t go back to drinking a six pack and eating pizza every night,” concludes Kelly, “but with the right coaching this program will indeed work. We had a guy who lost 35-lbs on the program after six weeks, and another patient that has lost 70-pounds, thirty of them after he left the program because he started walking and exercising in addition to eating well. This he accomplished over a 9 to 10-month period.”

Kelly says the biggest misconception people have about diet and weight loss plans is that they will lose weight and gain it all back again, which is definitely a possibility if behaviors do not change. “But most of those people have no coaching and are doing it all on their own, which is why having a doctor supervised program is so important.  We’ve been doing this program for two years and have had hundreds of patients succeed at losing weight and keeping it off.

With the New Year approaching, now is the time to start upon a new road for a healthier life. To schedule an appointment, simply phone 989-792-6702.


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