Chance The Arm for Traditional Irish or a Short Rockabilly Term in Jackson County Jail\"

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Michigan born and southern raised, self-proclaimed stewed and screwed rock-a-hillbilly bedroom blues man now based in Columbiaville, Cash O’Riley with David Roof self-released a fun Ep named Jackson County Jail in 2013 that was inspired by Cash’s own notorious life and times.

O’Riley covers vocals and acoustic guitar and Roof is on bass, lead guitar, piano and lap steel.

The Ep’s original is the title track “Jackson County Jail” penned by O’Riley and Roof that is truly reminiscent of all four of their other included cover songs.

I especially enjoy fact that we can hear O’Riley wearing his heart on his tattooed sleeve on these songs.

They cover the Leiber and Stoller (Elvis!) classic “I Want To Be Free”, Hank Williams’ ever so sad jailhouse sound of that “Lonesome Whistle Blow” and Johnny Cash’s pleasantly raucous version of the T. J. Arnall and William Lee Nichols’ song “Cocaine Blues”. My favorite is their “old-timey” cover of Jimmy Rogers’ cautionary tale, “In The Jailhouse Now”.

Jackson County Jail offers a new twisted version a blast from the past. Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Roof at Rooftop Recording Studios in Grand Blanc, MI. “Jackson County Jail” is An American Wax Original Ep available now on Amazon, I-Tunes, Cd Baby and the artist’s website along with re-issues of his two earlier Cds circa ‘04 and ‘06 Cash O’Riley and The Downright Daddies “Get Lucky, Break Down or Die!” and “Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache”.

All three are well worth a listen if you enjoy rockabilly rock-n-roll.

Artist website: or  or or on facebook.

Saginaw Michigan based duo Siusan O’Rourke and Zig Zeitler Smokin’ Sleddog Records Cd release named Chance The Armoffers more than a standard touch of green. O’Rourke covers all lead vocals and acoustic guitar with Zeitler on bouzouki, mandolin, guitar and banjo. For the first time a musical cast too vast to list here accompanies them on this recording.

Chance The Arm” is a full traditional Irish music disc of fifteen songs that includes eight off the beaten path public domain classics, four cover songs with my favorites being the Guy Clark song “Immigrant Eyes” and Robert Burns’ story of his true love “Gowden Locks O Anna” with his twist at the end “The Kirk an' State may gae to hell, And I'll gae to my Anna”.

Three new originals are included from O’Rourke; a humorous cautionary tale of “Education”, the hopeful “Thread Of The Weave” reminds us that indeed we “can’t feel the warmth if you’ve never been cold” and a tongue in cheek lament of the English in Ireland with the chorus lyric “(…If You Haven’t An Invitation) “Why Are You Still Here””.

The story of “Chance The Arm” is a true tale circa 1492 from Dublin Ireland included on the liner notes is well worth learning. Siusan and Zig write; “…To chance one’s arm, to take a risk in hopes of something good to come of it. And that dear folks, pretty much sums up how we feel about each new Cd that we release!” 

They were nominated in both 2012 and 2013 for the Irish Music Awards Top Duo (US-IRE-EUR-UK) and I believe this fine release should push them into the winners circle. As a listener I find I am suddenly more Irish at heart than ever I knew!

This fine disc is cleanly self-recorded at The White Crow Conservatory of Music in Saginaw, MI and mastered by Nathan Smith at Mainframe Recording Studio in Nashville, TN.

“Chance The Arm” is available on Jamie-Sue Seal’s Dewitt, Michigan Label: Smokin’ Sleddog Records Company (a mini music label with a major attitude): Artist Website: or

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