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Original Showcase Happening May 4th at The White Crow Conservatory

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20th April, 2017     1

Those who follow the original music scene in this area are very likely to be familiar with Bob Hausler.  Known as a singer, songwriter, sideman and mentor to many who aspire to create music on their own, Bob has developed a circle of fans and friends in the local, regional and national music communities.

On May 4th Hausler brings a special showcase of his works, which he has titled “Confessions of the Common Man,” to the White Crow Conservatory at 3736 Mackinaw St. in Saginaw.  For this show he will be accompanied by several of his musical friends, including Ron “Rosco” Selley on harmonica, Jon Potrykus on “all things stringed”, Jeff Schrems upright bass and Kevin Oswald on percussion and James Nelson.  This illustrious group, all veterans of the regional musical community, are billing themselves as the “High Octane Hillbillies” for the evening.

When queried about the name for the event Hausler, humble as always, said “I consider myself a pretty common man and my songs mostly deal with that.”

Hausler’s solo performances usually lean heavily on original material and this show will be no different with songs like “The Day The Bearded Lady Died,” “Onion Land,” “50,000 Names” or crowd favorite “You Ass” very likely to be featured.

As Hausler put it, “I really went through the archives for this show.  Plus, I have some new stuff that I really haven’t played around here very much.”

While Hausler is known for playing a wide variety of venues, from festival stages to coffee houses, his choice of the White Crow for this event was very intentional.

As he stated, “I wanted the music presented in a certain way.  I’d always loved the venue and thought it might spark a little more interest for the event and for the White Crow by doing it this way.”

The event is also doubling as a fundraiser for the DStreet Music Foundation. The foundation, which also puts on popular events such as the annual Parkapalooza Concerts in Sanford and Bay City and the recent “Band Roulette” event at the State Theater in Bay City, raises and donates money to assist children and young people in acquiring instruments and achieving their musical dreams.

Hausler also wanted to help with the process of introducing DStreet into Saginaw.  The show at the White Crow will have a suggested donation of $7 to DStreet at the door, though all donations and support for the event will be accepted.

“I have always thought DStreet was a great organization and would like to see them become more active in Saginaw.  My family was one of the first to settle in Saginaw and I feel very connected to the place.

Confessions of a Common man will also be recorded by Jeff Scott, of Q90.1 FM for use as a future podcast.

The Thursday evening show starts at 7:00 PM, with general admission seating.  For more information, you can find the event page on Facebook. 



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Bob Hausler

Thank you Matt deHeus, Bob Martin, and the Review Magazine for a great article. I would also like to mention that the amazing James Nelson will be joining us on accordion and various other musical instruments for this show. Thanks again.

January 18, 2018     10:01 PM


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