Best Radio Station: WKZZ - Z93

Thumbs Up for the 'Rock Station' 

Posted In: Arts & Entertainment, Review Music Awards,   From Issue 726   By: Robert E Martin

19th May, 2011     0

Out of a field that contained some stiff competition from Delta Public Broadcasting and The Joe FM along with several Internet radio stations, coupled with vigorous voting from the public at large, the top selection for Best Radio Station at the 25th Review Music Awards Ceremony went to none other than WKQZ-Z93 - the 'Rock' Station and then some. 

For decades Z-93 has held a pivotal roll in local broadcasting, thanks largely to innovative DJ's such as Joe Vogt whom is never afraid to push the boundaries of local and national culture; and Lynn Roberts, whom consistently keeps her play-lists current and varied with her ever-popular Lynn's Lunchbox.

In accepting this award, Citadel Broadcasting Sales Manager thanked the voting public by noting, “We appreciate all that The Review does for the community and for the local music scene.  We're honored to be voted Best Radio Station by the readers.” 

Added Lynn Roberts: “I think it is a complete honor to be chosen top radio station by Review Magazine readers, mostly because these are people that are involved with and care about music in our area.” 

“This is the best kind of pat on the back that we can receive!  Everyone on our staff loves what we do and it's really great to find out that others appreciate it as well.” 


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