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Keef Courage is a breath of fresh sound in a music scene that is reeling from changing tastes and aging cool. There is nothing new under the sun, yet these hip-hop rockers bring a fresh spirit and perspective informed by a love for sounds and rhythms. They seem to channel the energy of Eminem while embracing the pastoral scenes created by Atmosphere
Jay Freer was able to sit down to talk about the Review Awards:
“We were very excited when we found out we won the Best Performance award. Jess Williams and I do the vocals and DJ Goob on the turntables. Our sound is an original mixture of hip-hop and electronic music. There is no one style we stick with, as we are constantly trying to expand our sound.”
Keef Courage was formed in Midland, MI in 2003 and from the start they carved out their individual musical contributions.  “Jesse and Jay write all the lyrics. We select the instrumental or song we have and then decide on a direction that we want to go in. We then write it all down and record it. Jess plays the guitar and some keys. He also produces and sequences most of the instrumentals used in our projects.”
Review:  “In Between Suns” was a sonic masterpiece, who produced the disc?
Jay: All three members of KC have a hand in the recording and mixing process.  While me and DJ Goob are certified Recording Engineers and have operated a Recording Studio in Midland in the past.
Review: How did you get that crisp sound?
Jay: A lot of practice and using Pro Tools have helped our sound develop into high quality projects.
Review: What's next for Keef Courage?
Jay: Keef Courage is always in the studio working on new music. We are really going to be getting into doing more videos and expanding our digital media and our Internet presence.
Review: The songs have passion that reminds me of Eminem (Last Tango, Music Box, In Between Suns) as well as sepia toned scenes of Atmosphere rapping about family love and back yard barbecues (When it's Like). This disc has a deep lyricism - it's an incredible musical statement. Do you view this disc as a culmination of your collective vision - a masterpiece?
Jay: It took us a lot of time to narrow the songs down to what we believed was the experience of “In Between Suns”. We try to write our songs so that each one has content and that it makes sense. This was our fourth full length album and we look forward to creating more music and expanding our sound.

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