Bay County Candidates attend Forum to answer questions and get views out

9 Candidates attend Forum at the State Theater in downtown Bay City

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19th July, 2016     0

The State Theater in downtown Bay City was the host of a Political Candidate Forum on Monday evening July 18, 2016.   Nine candidates running for the August 2, 2016 primary election in Bay County's hotly contested elections were in the house at the State Theater.   Three community minded citizens including the author decided to offer this Forum to the public for the voters an opportunity to get know the candidates better. 

Candidates from the following elections attended including the Bay County Sheriff's race, Bay County Executive's race, Bay County Prosecutor's race and the 96th State of Representatives race.   The Candidates expressed their views on a wide range of topics to the audience of over 100 people at the State Theater.  Each Candidate would open with an opening statement of two minutes telling the voters as much information about themselves as they could in the two minute time frame.   Then the Candidates would answer three questions concerning their specific office that they were running for that they had received in advance.   Then after a brief intermission the candidates would then answer two questions that they had not seen in advance and then finish with a 90 second closing statement to convince the voters to select them in the August 2, 2016 primary election. 

The candidates who attended for the Bay County Executive office were Thomas Hickner and Mark McFarlin,  Bay County Prosecutor's office included Edward Czuprynski and Nancy Borushko,  Bay County Sheriff's office were Robert Lee, Jason Holsapple and Terry Spencer.   The two candidates that attended for the 96th State House of Representatives were David Scholl and Don Tilley.   The candidates also made available to the public their campaign literature and Bay County Clerk Cindy Luczak provided 2016 Voter Information Guides.   The following candidates were unable to attend were former Congressman Jim Barcia, Sheriff candidate Troy Cunningham, Sheriff write-in candidate Ken Zolnierek and Prosecutor candidate Marcus Garske.





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