2012 College Football Cowboy Classic

Michigan takes on Alabama

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The 4th annual Cowboy Classic would take place in Arlington, Texas between two of the top ranked teams in the Country.   Michigan would take on the defending National Champions in the 2012 Cowboy Classic in primetime for the entire country to see on ABC television.   Playing before over 100,000 fans evenly divided between the Michigan Wolverines and the Alabama Crimson Tide faithful. 

All of the events prior to the kickoff would make the trip worthwhile to Dallas, Texas to watch the start of the 2012 College Football season.  This would be a media event like no others.  Just taking in the sights down on the field before the game started was like hanging out with a "Who's Who" of Michigan people.  

Some of the more famous Michigan alumni were on the sidelines to offer encouragement to the 2012  Michigan Wolverines in their quest to upset the defending National Champions the University of Alabama.  I'm sure that the Bama sideline featured some of their more famous alumni hanging out this evening. 

University of Michigan President David Brandon spent a little time with the former Michigan Wolverines.  He was over heard talking with Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard about the restoration of the Michigan Fab Five banners at the University of Michigan in the near future. 

Walking on the field of this massive stadium prior to gametime was very interesting to see this production come about.  This was all leading up to the 8:00p.m. national broadcast on ABC Television.  The pressbox was full of Michigan and Alabama reporters as well as of the national press corps covering the game.  Please read the article on the game itself that will come along next.  

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