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The Golden Girls • The Laughs Continue

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The Golden Girls are back! This all new script, a parody of the classic television show, imagines what the girls would be doing if they were alive today in 2023. Starring male actors as the iconic TV characters: Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy and Rose. Miami’s sassiest seniors return for one more hurrah in an all-new show written by Robert Leleux and directed by Eric Swanson. 2022 finds Sophia out on bail, after being busted by the DEA for running a drug ring for retirees. Blanche and Rose have founded CreakN, a thriving sex app for seniors. And Dorothy is trying to hold it all together, with help from a new young sex-crazed lover. Relive the heartfelt hilarity of four ladies who never stopped being your friends! Dow Event Center, 303 Johnson St. Saginaw. Fri & Sat showtimes 8 PM; Sunday matinee 2 PM.