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Monday Matinee • Delta College Public Media History Productions

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Join us on Mondays at 1 PM in the Robert & Ann Hachtel Theater at the Historical Museum of Bay County for the following PBS Delta College Media historical documentaries: September 11 • Vanishing Voices of WWII Delta College Public Media captures the compelling accounts of wartime service from World War II veterans representing many ranks, jobs, branches of service, and theaters of war. Their stories, told in their own words, can teach us, amuse us, and inspire us; September 18 • Restored to Glory: Classic Automobiles, Collectors & Their Stories. Delta College Public Media looks at classic and antique cars and those who collect and restore them. We talked to people throughout mid-Michigan who have devoted their time and energy into restoring a collection of automobiles or one special vehicle that has a particular meaning to them. They each have a story to tell that's as fascinating and unique as the cars themselves; September 25 • The Korean War – Voices from the 38th Parallel. They call it "The Forgotten War," but those who served will never forget their experiences. This documentary features 23 Michigan residents whose lives were touched by the Korean War telling their stories in their own words. They talk about the Pusan Perimeter, Inchon Landing, the Chosin Reservoir, and Hearbreak Ridge, along with their reflections on the war, over 60 years later. Admission: FREE. Located at 321 Washington Ave., Bay City. Phone 989-893-5733.