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Momma's Boy

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What happens when a mother holds on to her son for too long? That’s precisely what we learn as this all-star cast unite to tell the story of a young man who takes pride in being macho but really is a “momma’s boy.” When Aaron, a police officer, must house his partner Autumn and her two coddled sons, he decides to turn them into men. But in the process, Autumn forces him to confront his own relationship with his doting live-in mother, who’s run women out of his life before and intends to do so with Autumn too. How can Aaron turn Autumn’s boys into men when he is a “momma’s boy” himself? Temple Theatre, 203 N. Washington Ave., Saginaw. Starts at 7 pm. Floor $49; Balcony $39. Phone 989-754-7469. <br />

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21st November, 2017, 07:00 PM


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