Young Broadcaster learning the trade at Dow Diamond

12 year old in Broadcast Booth at the Great Lakes Loons

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04th August, 2014     0

There is a young broadcaster in the booth at Dow Diamond for the Great Lakes Loons games this season.    Midland Northeast 7th grader Jackson Shinske has been learning the broadcasting business at Dow Diamond since he was 9 years old.  

The now 12 year old who  plays baseball in the Midland Fraternal Northwest Little League has had a keen interest in becoming a radio broadcaster for over 4 years now.    He contacted the Loons radio voice Brad Golder to see what he could do.   Golder the very cordial radio host said to Jackson to come on up and sit in on the broadcasts of Loons baseball. 

Jackson Shinske sits right up in broadcast booth for about 10 games a season between Brad Golder and color commentator Matt Park.   Jackson puts on a headset and keeps an official scorecard of the game action.   He also does his own research and keeps up on all the action in the Midwest League. 

Proud father Steve Shinske who also doubles as President of the Midland Fraternal Northwest Little League is glad to see his son take an interest in the broadcasting world.   Jackson also is getting into the journalism department on his own by writing articles on baseball for himself. 

So for the time being this young baseball lover has the best seat in the house perched high up in Dow Diamond taking in the games of the Midwest League Great Lakes Loons.   Jackson see's a future in either radio or television broadcasting for himself.   I'm sure that there are a few jealous broadcasting hopefuls out there.  But for the time being Jackson Shinske is pursuing his dream just like the players on the field. 


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