White’s Bar Summer Fest A-Go-Go Happening June 26th

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10th June, 2010     0

There are good times to be had this summer. The White's Bar Summer Music Fest A-Go-Go is one of them. A large chunk of the local independent music scene is coming together, along with some outside help from out of state, performing from 2p.m.-2a.m. on June 26th at Whites Bar, 2609 State Street in Saginaw, MI. [more information, plus tickets can be found at http://www.whitesmusicfest.com

"The White's Summer Music Fest is important! It allows all these artists to be exposed, all the while treating its viewers to a great show!" said Ray Torres of the Holy Gun.

It is being brought together by Monte Nothelfer, (of the local rock band The Banana Convention), a man of fine sensibilities, bad haircuts, and a grand sense of spectacle.

At the White's Bar Summer Music Fest A-Go-Go there will be 12 bands playing on two stages, along with wrestling action in-between sets. Yes, wrestling.

When asked about this, Monte looked at me nervously and hissed, "I thought it would be something different and fun to have happening between bands at the show to help reduce that downtime. I want something to always be happening or going ON."

So in-between seeing acts like Star FK Radium, The Baytones, The Automatics, Cougar the Tiger, Oxymoronatron, The Banana Convention, Peninsula Rising, The Holy Gun, Jiva, Buckra, Smiley Face, Machete Fight, Amelia Jo, Johnny Guest and Nick Pichet you will get to see the area's finest mutant warriors from the PPW battle it out in the squared circle.  Rumor has it one of the wrestlers has a third arm, which seems like an unfair advantage to me, but so what?

You can find out if you go see the action.  Attending the Whites Bar Summer Music Fest A-Go-Go is your chance to see it all, support local music, local business, and have fun.  Be different.  Not like a three armed wrestler, but in your own way. 

12 bands for $5.  You can't beat that kind of entertainment value with a folding chair.


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