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27th January, 2011     1

I am incredibly excited to announce that with this latest edition of The Review , our nearly 32- year legacy has reached a pivotal crossroads and will be operating on an entirely new level of performance and interaction with the community as we unveil our new and vastly improved online edition.

Over two years in the making, our site overhaul will do much more than merely ‘mimic’ what you see within the print edition, possessing features that allow readers & staff to comment daily upon stories and events as they happen, which I highly encourage you to do.  Loaded with a customized and searchable data base, our online archive of past editions of The Review will allow you search for stories by topic and also reveal all related articles from our archive pertaining to the specific topic that you search – in essence, making our entire legacy of reporting instantly at your disposal and at your fingertips.

In addition to the increased interactivity with our features and articles database, you will notice that our online Out & About Events Calendar will no longer be limited by our two week print publication schedule, but enable users & subscribers to update and post events daily, for as little as one dollar per day.

Indeed, for over three decades The Review has established a reputation as the core source for finding events and happenings within the Great Lakes Bay Region, and with this new feature, our calendar is destined to become the most comprehensive guide to what’s happening within our region and beyond, offering both a print & online resource that expands upon our foundation.

By placing subscribers in control of profiling their event updates, you will be able to obtain premier visibility across the thousands of pages that expanse our entire website, plus exposure in our print edition. Additionally, organizations can receive a profile that contains their own calendar which will feed into the selected genre of Out & About calendars, as well as on our Today’s Events footer display, which displays on the Review home page and spans across all other sections of the site of the site as an entire profile classified with every event that you list.

Collectively, we are providing you with an innovative and groundbreaking marketing tool for promoting your events, website, business, and other social media profiles such as Facebook.

Moreover, with our new Banner Advertising feeds, every month we will deliver optimum visibility to local businesses and organizations and direct significant amounts of traffic directly to your website and or Facebook page from our growing and expanding network of sites, including both the Review and our innovative ToDineForOnline.com website, which currently are experiencing over 1,000 visitors per day.

Welcome aboard!  We look forward to your feedback.


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David David

Great to see the Review evolve and expand. Incredible that in today\'s economy, we can still pick up a copy or stop in online any time, and get a wealth of information for FREE. I can\'t think of a better touchstone to the Great Lakes Bay Region that offers such a useful, provocative and entertaining alternative to the mainstream media. Congratulations on your pioneering efforts to build this growing forum. Michigan needs this!

January 18, 2018     10:01 PM


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