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31st August, 2006     0

On September 9th many of rocks' biggest names will converge at DTE Energy Music Theater for the 2006 edition of the Family Values Tour. Boston, Massachusetts hard-core act Bury Your Dead join Korn, Stone Sour, Dir En Grey and numerous other bands on the bill.    

The group feels that got the gig based on the complexion of their music, coupled with a nonstop touring attitude.

Korn singer Jonathan Davis wanted them to be a part of Family Values to add some diversity to the tour.  Being a hard-core band they will be one of the few acts that are not considered rock oriented.

The tour was originally a way to get different genres together for the united cause of promoting good music.  It carries the same meaning today.          

Review caught up with Bury Your Dead Guitarist Slim B to find out about their new album, the tour and a possible reality show.

In June of this year Bury Your Dead released their newest studio album, appropriately titled Beauty and the Breakdown.

"The album was recorded in Florida by Jason Suecof  (Trivium, God Forbid)," he explains. "This album was the most relaxed and fun filled recording that I've ever made in my career."

"It took around a month and a half to complete but seemed like only two weeks," he reflects.

Featuring pounding heavy guitar riffs and drums it's a bit of a departure for the textbook hard-core band.

Not only does the band have a new album out, but according to Slim, crews also followed them around last year for a possible reality TV show.  "While nothing has come about yet, someday the footage will see the light of day. It's important for fans new and old to see the band in their day-to-day life.  This way fans can see that we're actually real people who go to shows and hang out with our friends, just like everyone else."  The future of the project is unknown but hopes are someday it will either air on MTV or be a DVD series. 

All of this is amazing, especially for a band that's been through 14 members since they released their first E.P. in 2002.

Slim attributes the revolving door of members to the pressure and stress of being a touring band. 

"It's just like any other relationship.  Going in you think you're in it for the long haul but sometimes stuff happens and it all falls apart.  Be it people wanting to spend more time with their families or just personal differences, sometimes you have to work to find the right combination."

"Hopefully this combination is right.  These guys seem to know what it is they want.  The sky is the limit."

Whether it be to sell millions of albums or just make a difference in that one fans mind; Bury Your Dead seem to want to do what every other American music act wants.  

"We just to make good music.  Be it Hard Core, Emo, Metal or whatever, music is music and it should be left at that." 

What better of a venue than at Family Values to show that no matter what sub-genre you belong to; you make true Rock and Roll music all the same.

Behind all of the different genres and facades, all of the acts at Family Values believe in one thing: the Spirit of Rock 'n 'Roll.

Tickets for the show start out as low as $13 for lawn seats, so don't miss your chance to see what may definitely become the next big thing.

Bury Your Dead are also slated to perform at Shooters of Saginaw on Monday, September 11th with opening act Walls of Jericho. The show will be all ages. Call Shooters at 781-6333 for more information.


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