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12th December, 2019     0

William Mosienko scored the fastest 3 goals in N.H.L. history (21 Seconds). He was from a family of 14. Bill died at age 72.  “Newsy” La’Londe was a great lacrosse & an awesome hockey player. He was the Montreal Canadien’s - very 1st captain. He is the only player to score 6 goals in an N.H.L. game. He had two kids, ‘two’ busy to have any more. Passed at 83.  Randy Holt had 67 penalty minutes in one N.H.L. game (3-11-79). Sam Lo Presti faced 83 shots in a 3-2 loss to Boston (3/4/41). In WWII his boat was torpedoed & sunk (Feb 1943). He made it to a life boat, it traveled 2500 miles in 42 days before he was rescued. His son Pete Lo Presti played in the N.H.L. (43-102 as a goalie). Best ever N.H.L. team: ’76-’77 Montreal Canadiens: 60 Wins, 132 points, outscored the opponents 387 to 171. Really bad: 1974 Washington Caps: 8 Wins. ’92-’93 San Jose Sharks: lost 71 games. Best ever goalie performance: Terry Sawchuck (Red Wings -’51-’52 Stanley Cup Playoffs), won 8 straight playoff games over Toronto & Montreal with 4 shutouts, only allowed 5 goals in 8 games.       

Kyler Murray, Oklahoma QB won the 2018 Heisman Award. Last year it also went to an Oklahoma QB. KYLER’s STATS: 13 g, 241/340, 4043 yards, 40 TD’S. The Oakland Raiders paid Coach Jon Gruden $100 Million for 10 years. First year results: First 14 games: 3-11, 260 pts for & 418 against.  2019: Recruiting Class for College Football: Georgia 1, Alabama 6, Michigan 8, M.S.U. 10. Jon Cooper, Tampa Lightning Coach, is currently the longest running NHL Head Coach (It’s only 5 years). All the rest have been fired. Chicago let one go who had won 3 Stanley Cups. Armed Forces Bowl: Should be renamed the “The Ass Kicked Bowl: Army 70 Houston 14.  The Army on the sidelines (Not the team) did pushups after every score; they were tired at the end of the night. KENTUCKY DERBY WINNER: County House. PREAKNESS: War of Will. BELMONT:  Sir Winston. In 1958 Roberto Clemente once hit 3 triples in one game.

LeBron James said “NFL owners are like slave owners” The average NFL player makes $2 Million a year. LeBron makes $33 & ½ Million a year. Here’s a big boat load of shut the hell up. Bryce Harper is asking for $300 Million for 10 years & 4 teams are willing to pay it (HE GOT IT).  Les Bingaman played for the Lions in the 50’s at 6’3” 285. Later Lion Aaron Gibson came in at 410 pounds -YEKS.  Looking Back - 2 Sport Star: Drew Henson-High School All-American, 3 Years at the U of M (Splitting time w/Tom Brady), 2631 yards & 22 TD’S. 9 games in the NFL w/ Lions & Dallas. In 1998 he signed with the Yankees for $17 Million. 8 games, batting .111. 509 games in the Minors: 1865 AB, 67 HRS, & .247 BA. His Net Worth today is 7 Million. He is now a scout with the Yankees. In 1949 a ball player, named Eddie Waitkus (LIKE IN THE MOVIE “NATURAL”), went to see a girl in a Hotel room he didn’t know. She shot him, but he survived.    

In World Track, the Polish Girls’ team we’re the 4x 400 champs (Yes 4 white girls). DEONTAY WILDER (WHO)? HE IS THE WORLD HEAVYWIEGHT CHAMP. Record: 41-0-1, 39 K’O’s. The last one took 58 seconds. Tim Tebow hit his first Triple a home run. It took 52 years, & the St .Louis Blues did it, beating Boston in 7 games. Bruce Koepka is the 2019 PGA Champion - that was his 13th win & 4th Major. Bart Starr (#15 Green Bay QB), 4 time World Champion passed at age 85. Babe Ruth’s real daughter Julia Ruth Stevens lived to be 102 years old.  Bill Buckner made an error in the ’86 World Series, some Sox fans ever forgave him. Too late, he passed at 69 from Dementia. The Detroit Red Wings we’re bought for $8 Million, today they are worth $775 million. Big money sports: Vince McMahon-WWE ($2.3 Million). #2; Ion Tirac-Romanian Tennis & Ice Hockey ($2 Billion). 1ST NFL T.V. Game: Eagles vs Brooklyn Dodgers. Dodgers won 23-14 on 10/22/39.  A Wayne Gretzky, Rookie card sold for $465,000.00. A Babe Ruth Game jersey sold for $5.64 Million.

Legends of Hockey notes of interest: Ted Lindsay: “Gordie Howe was the heart of the Red Wings’. Many think Ted was. Gordie:  “Ted was my protector” Ted had 700 stiches in his face. Glenn Hall “winning was everything to Ted.” Ted started the players Union, so Jack Adams traded him & half the team. They would have won 3 more Cups. Ted came back in 64’65 to lead the Wings into the Finals. Ted had 14 Goals, 28 Pts, 173 P.M’.S.  Ted is the first person to ever carry the Stanley Cup around the arena. He passed at 93.  Moments before Terry Sawchuck died he said “Make sure my son gets my Red Wing Stanley Cup ring.” Phil Esposito “Bobby Orr couldn’t skate backwards.’ Boom Boom Geoffrion “Gordie Howe was so damn strong.” Glen Hall (Blackhawk goalie) took a shot to face requiring 28 stitches), he was back in the net in 20 minutes with no mask.

Megan Rapinoe of the Women’s USA Soccer team on taking a knee….:”FU*K the Whitehouse”.  NICE. John Tortorella USA Hockey coach, ”You will not disrespect America wearing this uniform…if you do.. you will not play-period.” The Tampa Rays in 5 years will play half their home games in Montreal…But they are not moving…AH BULLSHIT. Steve Yzerman stepped down as hockey G.M. of the Tampa Lightning. He is now G.M. & V.P. of the Red Wings. He left Tampa with a great team & a great future. Scotty Bowman told me in Tampa it hurt losing the Cup, but it will not compare to losing Steve Yzerman.

A Kate Smith statue (stood for 35 years) was taken down. Why? Because 95-years ago she sang a racist song. The Yankees & the Phil. Flyers will no longer play “God Bless America.” OMG STUPID. Red Kelly died at 91, just after being honored by the Red Wings. WON 8 Cups, 4 with Detroit (4 w/ Toronto as a forward). One of the best D-men off all time.

The Baylor Girls NCAA Basketball Champs went to the White House to be honored. The Men’s Virginia team did not - screw them - their loss. Boston great John Havlicek passed at 79. He won 8 NBA Titles. He averaged 21 pts a game, 22 in the playoffs. Matt Safford’s wife had a 12 hour surgery to remove a brain tumor. The Tiger’s Cabrera has another family, a 3 year old girl & a boy of 6, what a dumb ass. Rick Porcello took a line shot to the head on the mound, the ball ended up in Centerfield. He went back in and finished the game. MLB World Series hero John Wetteland, is indicted on child sexual assault charges on 4 & 6 year old boys. Nikita Kucherov (Tampa) (Hockey’s 2018-19 MVP) became the highest scoring Russian ever in the NHL with 128 points, passing Alexander Mogilny who put up 127 in 1992-93. Alex is still not in the Hall of Fame.

Tiger Woods won the Masters after an 11 year wait. President Trump gave him the Medal of Freedom Award. Forrest Gregg, famous Green Bay Packer died at 85. Vince Lombardi said Gregg was the Packers biggest, best, bad ass Packer ever. Saginaw’s Aiden Curry committed to play goal at Brockport College in New York.  Russell Knox PGA, got a double eagle on a 573 yard hole.  That would be a 2 on a par 5. He hit 274 yard drive & a 299 yard 3 wood. Longest home Run ever: Babe Ruth in 1921-575 feet.

The Phillies gave Bryce Harper $330 Million for 13 years. He hit .249 with 34 home runs in 2018. Manny Machado got $300 Million for 10 years. In 2018 he hit .297/37 HRS/ 107 RBI’S. Carey Price (Montreal goalie), met with a young boy who had lost his mom. Carey gave him a big hug, 2 sticks, & numerous autographs, it touched my heart. Saginaw’s Heritage Hockey team went to their 2nd straight state final. They we’re outshot 46-12, losing 3-1. In the 2019 Players, Jim Furyk (48 Years Old) finished 2ND. In the Big 10 Basketball Title game: MSU 65 U of M 60. Saginaw’s Brendan Kischnick (age 18) 5’8 175 pound defenseman plays for the Erie Otters in the OHL. New England won the Super Bowl:  13 over the Rams. Julian Edelman (JEWISH) was the MVP w/10 for 14 with 141 yards, he is small but catches everything. Tom Brady’s 6th Super Bowl Ring. He was 21/35 for 262 yards. The Gronk retired after the game. Team owner Robert Kraft celebrated with a prostitute in Jupiter, Florida. Dustin Johnson won the Mexico Open with a -21.  Tiger Wood’s home cost $60 Million. Frank Howard (1st baseman) sold his home (34,000 square feet) in Belleair Shores, Florida for $16.5 million. He built for it $9.3 Million. It was a mile from our condo.      

SPORTS DEATHS: Wade Wilson: Dallas QB & Coach at age 60. Jarrod Lyle, Golf Pro age 36 from Leukemia. Don Newcombe, famous Dodger Pitcher, age 92. I met him in Vero Beach when I was 11 & talked to him for an hour. Gene Littler, golfer 88. Frank Robinson, HOF Baseball player 88. Mel Stottlemyre, Yankee Pitcher age 77. Wally Triplett, 1st black in the NFL passed at 92. HOF’er Willie McCovey at 80. The great Jim Taylor (83) of the Packers, 4 NFL titles. Hubert Green, golfer @71. Peter Thompson, 5 Time British Open winner at 88.  Famous St. Louis Cardinal Red Schoedienst @ 95. Harry Howell, Ranger Defenseman, 7 time All-Star, passed at 86.  

2019: Cries of Racism: 5 black NFL coaches we’re fired. Ah no, they won only 21 games out of 72. They are gone because they sucked. Antonio Brown (CMU/PITTSBURGH) didn’t feel like playing his last game, so he watched from the side lines wearing a full length mink coat. He makes $22.2 million a year. Colin Kaepernick called Nike shoes with the American flag racist, so they canceled production - so this idiot runs Nike? A Minor League Baseball Club put a small American Flag on their uniform (to honor 2 policemen who we’re killed) & the team is now called racist. This is whacked.

Who has won the most World Series after the Yankees (‘27)?  The St. Louis Cardinals with eleven. The U Conn Girls basketball team won 126 straight games, lost to Baylor on Jan. 3rd. THE NFL’S best defense was the Baltimore Ravens, 2018 Pro Bowler’s: ZERO. Who got his 3,000 hit with a home run? Wade Boggs-Tampa. NFL playoffs: Cowboys 24 Seahawks 22, Colts 21 Texas 7, Chargers 23 Baltimore 17, Eagles 16 Bears 15, LA Rams 30 Cowboys 22, KC 31 Colts 13,Patriots 41 Chargers 28  (Brady was 34/44-343 Yards), Saints beat the Eagles 20-14 (Drew was 28/38-301 yards). New England 37 Chiefs 31 & Rams beat Saints 26-23.  SUPER BOWL:  New England 13 Rams 3. National Championship football game: Clemson killed Alabama 44-16. Clemson QB (Trevor Lawrence) was 20/32 for 347 yards & 3 TD’S. Trevor “I put my identity in what Christ says, who he thinks I am & who I know that he says I am”

QB Kyler Murray was a 1st round pick in the NFL & MLB. Tim Tebow to marry 2017 Miss Universe (Leigh Peters). Coaching great, Urban Meyer retired with a record of 187-32 & a 12-3 Bowl record. GREAT FOOTBALL COACHES: Vince Lombardi: 105-35-6, 6 time NFL Champs. Paul “Bear” Bryant: 323-85-17, 6 National Championships. Don Shula: 328-156-6, 2 Super Bowls, & a 16 win season. Bill Belichick: 223-113 & 4 Super Bowls. HOCKEY’S WORST EVER TEAMS: 1974-75 Washington Capitals: 8-67-5. 1992-93: San Jose Sharks: 11-71-2 (Goalie Artus IIrbe: 7-26, 4.11 GA).

Baseball HOF 2019: Roy Halladay (His family went to our Church. He killed himself in a plane, flying stoned - sad), Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina (DOES NOT BELONG), & Mariano Rivera (Yankee closer). The 1st ever Monday Night NFL game: 9/28/64, Packers 14 Lions 10. 1st ever Monday night NFL T.V. game: (1970), Browns 31 Jets 21. 1st ever T.V. Baseball game: 8/26/1939: Reds 2 Phillies 1. In 1945 Al Benton of the Tigers was 13-8 with an ERA of 2.02. Bob Gibson is the best pitcher for one year that I ever saw: 1968: 22-9, 1.12 ERA, 268 K’s, 13 Shutouts, & in a 1968 World Series game he struck out 17 Tigers. Michigan Girls Softball team won the Big Ten Title. Tyler Skaggs, Angel Pitcher died at age 27. 

Today’s sport money has gone stupid: NBA: Khris Middleton, Bucks paid $178 Million for 5 years. Klay Thompson of the Warriors got $190 Million for 5 years. Tobias Harris $180 Million for 5 years from the 76’s. Kevin Durant picked up $164 Million for 4 years. Hockey chimed in: Artemi Panarin, of the Rangers got 7 years for $81,494,000.00. Sergei Borrovsky, now a Panther, chalked up $70 Million for 7 years. Only 5% of America watched the Baseball All-Star game on T.V.

All-Star baseball game: A.L. 4 / N.L. 3. The American League is 19-3-1 in the last 23 games. Cleveland’s Shane Bieber was the M.V.P. He struck out 3 straight in one inning. Former Red Wing Greg Johnson died at age 48.  Verlander ‘Baseball has juiced the ball.”  The Met’s Pete Alonso beat out Vlad Guerrero Jr. (91 HRS), by one in the HR. Derby playoff. Women’s World Soccer: U.S.A. 2 Dutch 0. Now 4 Time World Champs. Two more they can tie the 6-time World Champion Saginaw Old Golds.

Joey Chesnut killed off 71 Hot Dogs to win the title again. Kawli Leonard left the World Champion Raptors for a mere $103 Million for 3 years. Jared Lorenzen, Kentucky/NFL QB & a 3 Sport Star in High School, died at age 38. He ate him himself to death - went out at 500 pounds. At Kentucky he threw for 10,354 yards, 78 T.D.’S, & a 56.9 %. More Sport Deaths: Gino Marchetti, Colts, 93. Bob Friend, Pirate Pitcher 88.

2019 ESPY’S: Highlights: Coach of the Year: Jim Calhoun (77), beat cancer 3 times, & he has been a winner where ever he goes. Courage Award: Kristie Ennis: When her helicopter went down, everyone died but her, scarred her face & lost a leg. She was going to kill herself one year but didn’t do it. She now runs races & climbs mountains. This is an American Hero. One young man who was born with no arms or legs became a football coach, & he gave honor to his Lord Jesus Christ.  Low light: ESPY’S know hockey? Ah No. There Player of the Year was Ovechkin (89 PTS). They passed over Kucherov of Tampa. He set an All Time record for Russian Hockey players with 128 pts. He won the Rocket Richard Award, League MVP, and led his team to 62 wins. LOW LIGHT/HIGH LIGHT: If the women presenters wear lower cut dresses next year their tits will fall out for sure.  Chris Leibinger from Saginaw plays hockey in the ECHL as a defenseman (I coached his dad in High School). Chris played 4 years at Michigan Tech, he is now on the Rapid City Rush. Serena Williams (Born in Saginaw), lost in the 2019 Wimbledon Finals 6-2, 6-2 to Simona Halep from Romania. Williams has won the Wimbledon 7 times. History’s best ever match: Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer to win the 2019 Men’s Wimbledon, it took over 5 hours.   

LOCKS FOR THE BASEBALL HOF: Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, Yadier Molina, Albert Pujols, C.C. Sabathia, Max Scherzer, & Mike Trout. I have 6 game used bats of those mentioned.  Shane Lowry won the Open in his own country of Ireland. David Duval did not, going Plus 19 and shooting 90 on day one. Pernell “Pee Wee” Whitaker-4 Time World Boxing Champion passed at 55. Lulu Harwell, Erie’s wife passed at 99. Hockey’s oldest retired hockey player is Jim Conacher, he is 98. Joe Namath said “Tom Brady is the best QB ever.’ Old Wings still above ground: “Marty Pavelich 91, Vic Stasuik 90, Glenn Hall 88, & Alex Delvecchio is 88. Shawn Burr “The Wings would have never won 3 Cups without Sergei Federov”. N.Y. Giant Mitch Petrus died from a heat stroke at age 32. Oldest living MLB players: Tom Jordan & Bill Mills, both 99. Oldest living NFL player: Jack Bullas Smith 100. Oldest living NBA player: Bill “Bullet” Gabor-96. 

Brooks Koepka won the 2019 W.G.C. The Tampa Lightning signed goalie Vasilevskiy for $9½ million a year for 8 years. The Dallas Cowboys are worth $5 Billion. Buried in Hawaii - Bruce Cartwright (1853-1919), the real father of baseball. NFL great Nick Buoniconti, passed at 78.  Eric Nesterenko made $12,000.00 in 1961. The Chicago Black Hawks won the Cup. I bought his Stanley Cup ring from his wife at a dinner in Toronto (They we’re going to split). BUT NO - they got back together without his ring. I later sold it. Not a good plan.

The Hockey H.O.F. used to call me to authenticate items for them (for 4 years). Mickey Lolich was the 1968 World Series M.V.P. (Won 3 games & hit a homerun). I was at the 2019 Chicago National Sports Show. A man was selling his M.V.P. Trophy for $50,000.00. He will get it from someone. Mickey’s health is failing - SAD. President Obama’s High School basketball jersey was up for auction ($200,000.00). Lou Gehrig’s game used jersey was up to $2 Million and a Honus Wagner bat got over a million. QB Tom Brady signed for 2 more years - $70 Million.

Baseball players: Octavio Dotel (former Tiger), & Luis Castillo arrested for Drug Trafficking in the Dominican Republic. 4 Fans hit by Lightning watching the Tour Championship. The Colts QB retired at 29 because of too many injuries, so his fans booed him when he quit. NOT NICE. Golfer Rory Mc’IIroy won the Fed X Cup & $15 Million. 4 Heritage football players arrested for stealing guns (SHOW TIME GUNS). TOO STUPID.

In a ball game featuring 7-year olds, parents stormed the field & beat the hell out of the 13-year old ump. Saginaw Heritage player Spencer Schwellenbach, a freshman at Nebraska, had the most R.B.I.s in the BIG 10 Baseball Tournament. NFL player Barry Bennett (Saints, Jets, Vikings) & his wife we’re murdered by their son Dylan.

Max Scherzer from 2012 to 2019 has had 200 plus strikeouts for 8 straight years. CoCo Gauff is the first 15-year old to make it into Round 3 of the U.S .Open in history. Detroit Tiger catcher (Double- A- Ball), Chance Numata died at age 27 in a skateboard accident. Rafael Nadal (33) took almost 5 Hours to beat Russian Daniil Medvedev (23), 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6, & 6-4 for the U.S. Open Title.

On the women’s side Serena Williams lost to Canada’s Bianca Andreescu: 6-3 & 7-5. She is the first ever Canadian. Matt Stafford threw for 385 yards & 3 TD’S, as his Lions blew an 18 point lead to tie the Cards 27-27. Antonio Brown went from Pittsburgh to Oakland to New England. This dope will never be happy. Tom Brady (42) & New England beat Pittsburgh 33-3, as Brady threw 3 TD’s & 341 yards. He is the best QB of all-time.  The Tigers did it: 9/8/2019: lost to the A’S, record on that night: 42-100. The 2003 Tigers we’re 43-119. The Cleveland Spiders came in at 20-134 in 1899. H.O.F. pitcher Justin Verlander threw his 3Rd No-Hitter, his record 19-5, 2.52 ERA, 272 K’s, not bad when your 36 years old. U OF M had their hands full with Army, beating them in Double O.T. 24-21. Army’s record before the Michigan game 22-5. I was on the field, Michigan got hit hard all game.  

Coach Jim Harbaugh at the U of M game won 9 and got clobbered by Ohio State for the 8th straight time this year by the time of 56-27. Michigan did beat MSU 44 to 10. QB – Shea Patterson went 24/33 and 344 yards. Sadly, Charles Rogers, Saginaw’s most gifted athlete passed at the age of 38 from drugs and cancer. Boxer Patrick Day, after being hit in the head in the 10th round died at age 27. In 1982 Mike Illtch bought the Red Wings for $8 million - today’s worth $775 million. He bought the Tigers in 1992 for $85 million –today’s worth $1.3 billion. Coach Bill Belichick now has 300 NFL wins. Don Shula has 328.

Mitch Albom – takes care of 47 kids in Haiti. He and his wife were not able to have any of their own. In the White House visit by the World Champion Nationals, Kurt Suzuki put on a mega hat.  Marty Pavelich (Team USA) found to be incompetent – too many hits to the head. The Tampa Bucs of the NFL have a male cheerleader – WTH? Barry Sanders was voted the greatest college football player of all time.  The Tampa Rays finished the year at 96-64 with the lowest payroll and lowest crowds.  The Detroit Tigers again sucked. 47-114, they set a record of 1595 strikeouts.  NFL’s Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals -is now 2nd all-time with 1325 catches- 224 behind Larry Rice.   Pumpsie Green (The 1st black player for the Boston Red Sox) passed at age 85.  The Minnesota Twins have lost 16 straight playoff games. Yankee Charles Silvera passed at 94. He was Yogi Bear’s back up. David Blough of the Detroit Lions, 2nd back up – threw his first pass for a 75-yard touchdown.

Jake Browning - Folsom, California, threw for 91 touchdowns in high school.  Louisiana was the Little League World Champs beating Curacao 8-0. President Trump flew them to the White House on Air Force One. Big Small: NY Yankees Aaron Judge 6’7’ 282lbs

Jose Altuve - Houston is 5’6” and 165 lbs.  Gleyber Torres (Love the name) may be the best Yankee in 2019: 152 Hits, 38 home runs, 278 batting average and he is only 22.  Andrei Vasilevskiy – Tampa’s goalie has beaten the Boston Bruins 8 straight times. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) was voted 2019 best male athlete. Averages 30 points per game.



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