Energetic Brad Golder now in 8th season

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Georgia native Brad Golder is now in his 8th season with the Great Lakes Loons as a jack of all trades.  The very energetic Golder has been the play by play announcer for the Loons since day one in the Midwest League team's history.   Brad also has many other duties in his year round employment with the Loons. 

It is rare for a Minor League baseball team to have it's own sports talk radio station but Golder was on board when the Michigan Baseball Foundation purchased WLUN 100.9 FM radio station.   They have joined the ESPN sports radio network.   Brad points out with a big smile on his face that he also has the opportunity to broadcast football and basketball on ESPN 100.9 for the Saginaw Valley Conference "Game of the Week."   He has broadened his skills to also work basketball games for Saginaw Valley State University on a regular basis.  

The Vanderbilt graduate proudly pointed out that his first broadcasting experience was broadcasting Vanderbilt college baseball for 4 years while in College himself.  Brad further pointed out that Vanderbilt is proudly the 2014 NCAA National Champions in baseball.   He also worked for an all news radio station in Nashville.   He then moved on to Atlanta to work for the Atlanta Braves for a few years being involved in the pre and post game shows on the radio side of the broadcast.  The young Golder was producing much of these broadcasts and doing live interviews also. 

Then the position opened up with the Great Lakes Loons Brad was selected to be the play by play announcer and has been here ever since.   He has paired with several color commentators over the last eight years.   Some of his partners have been Jared Sandler, Terry Wilcyk,  Sid Allen, Matt Mieske, Matt Park, Dan Hasty, Ryan Schulling, Jim Northrup, Terry Lynch and Brett Haring.   But the one steady voice in all of the Loons broadcasts has been Brad Golder.  

One can see that this upcoming broadcaster does his homework for each and every broadcast with a ton information at his fingertips ready to share with the listening audience.   He also hosts for every radio broadcast a pre-game show to bring the fans up to speed on what is going on with the Loons.   Quite often Brad with also do a pre-game show on the field from the ESPN 100.9 desk for the fans in house prior to the start of the game.   He has interviewed many of the guests to Dow Diamond over the past eight years that have come in for a promotional visit.    Tommy LaSorda, Greg Kelser, Steve Garvey, Darrin McCarthy and Milt Wilcox are just a few to name.  Brad was also the voice of the 2008 Midwest League All-Star Game played here at Dow Diamond. 

Golder fills many different roles through out the year working for the Great Lakes Loons and  Michigan Baseball Foundation.   He is a tireless representative of the team through out the community and the Great Lakes Bay region.   He appears where ever and when ever asked by the team at functions to promote the team. 

When asked what has been the highlight to this point of his working for the Loons he quickly replied "The 2009 season."   He when on to describe "Dee Gordon, the first time the Loons made the Midwest League playoffs and the come from behind victories in the playoffs."   He then pointed out other things that stood out in his mind such as "watching certain players develop here, Clayton Kershaw, seeing Lance Parrish manage the team and getting to the Midwest League Championship Series."  He also talked about what it would mean for the City of Midland and region when the Loons eventually win a Midwest League Championship.   He was very adament that they would do this.

Brad pointed out when asked about career plans "I have the best job in baseball right now."   "I would love to announce in the Majors at some point, however I'm very happy here right now with all the opportunties that I have here."  I would have to concur that Brad does have a very exciting job in a beautiful ballpark.   One can tell that from listening to his broadcasts on ESPN 100.9 for every Loons game with all of the information that he passes along to the veteran baseball fan or for someone who is tuning in for the first time.   The Great Lakes Loons made an excellent choice in selecting the young gun from Georgia to be the "Voice of the Great Lakes Loons" and he has been here now going on 8 full seasons.   Don't know how long he will remain because some organization is going to make him an offer as some point that he won't be able to refuse.   So tune in and listen to his broadcast if you haven't already.   To a true professional job well done.  


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